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Has anyone used them before ?

If so how did you find it, we fell in love with the place as soon as we drove past.

Would be Great to have a venue twin



  • angelcake71angelcake71 Posts: 523
    ooh think thats a nice one..
  • Cupcake4everUKCupcake4everUK Posts: 7,170
    Great Choice!

    I've been to a wedding there...

    It's in a fabulous location with grounds that look out to the sea. The reception food was really good...and it made for a really nice long weekend for guests. Perfect. I understand that their prices are very reasonable too.

    H2b and I liked it so much that we went back for a weekend break after the wedding.
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    Hi cupcake thank you so much for sharing your experience, we totally loved it and it wasn't even on our list of venues to see, only thing I worried about (silly I know) is the old style decor lol. I'm super pleased with our choice though and hopefully none of the guest have a swipe about the carpets n wall paper lol x
  • Cupcake4everUKCupcake4everUK Posts: 7,170
    I think in a way the decor is part of it's's a bit 'agatha cristie' if you get my meaning!

    Some of the upper rooms can be really hot in summer due to the heating rooms at the front are better.

    Your guests will love being there though...and it's a quick walk down to the beach from there...

    Also recommend Prezzo as a good place to eat (if guests are staying the night before the wedding).

    You've done well!
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    Thanks Cupcake image

    anyone else, I want a venue twin =] lol
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