How long did you have to plan your wedding?

I've just got engaged (last week) and we've planned the date as the 7th August.

DF's brother says that's too soon (thus planting seeds of doubt in DF's head!)

I think 4 months is fine for planning the wedding (we're doing it cheaply anyway, and I don't think there's really that much to plan (reception venue seems to be sorting out all things reception)

plus, i want to marry in the summer, and I don't want to wait another whole year for it.

am i mad? or is he worrying unduly?

how long is ideal/necessary for planning/getting ready and how long did you have? and why did you choose that length of time?


  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi, I planned my first wedding in 3 months, and I didn't have any trouble (apart from marrying an idiot lol!) The only thing you might struggle with is finding your dress, as a lot of dresses take 16-20 weeks to arrive, although saying that my friend ordered her wedding dress from and it only cost £206 for the dress, shoes, jewellary, tiara and bolero and it came in 3 weeks!

    I think it makes it more exciting planning things quickly too!
  • thanks, calico! (i'm pretty sure DF isn't an idiot: i lived with one of those before! :lolimage

    I'm making my own dress, so that's one thing i'll have control over the timing for! i'll have to make sure i don't slack off, though, unlike at college, it's not a deadline i can get extended.... image
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    hi, im not getting married till october but started planning in feb and now dont have anything to do!it can be done so good luck! i wish i was clever enough to make my own dress!
  • I've had 21 months to plan our wedding and I'm very grateful for it as I also have a lot of other things to do on a daily basis like we all have and it gave me a chnace to plan the little details, get all the suppliers and the dress I wanted and have the time financially to pay for it all.

    It's important if you're particular about the small details.

  • I got engaged last July and I'm getting married this July - so it will be just under a year. We chose the date partially because we wanted a summer wedding and also to fit in with school holidays (my h2b is a teacher).

    I've found I was quite hectic until Christmas getting all the main things booked and ordered (church, reception, dresses, photographer etc) and then since Christmas we've just been sorting out all the other bits and bobs.

    I think if you are organised then you should be fine to get married in August - the main thing you need to do is get all the big stuff sorted soon - book reception, church/registar, photographer, send out invites (or at least let people know the date so they don't get booked up with other things). I think the longer you have to plan the more things you try and fit in, or just take longer over making decisions!
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    I definatley think that you'll be able to do it then vhc. I wish that I only had 4 months to get everything sorted, 16 months seems like far too long, I want to start buying things now!

    Where are you having your reception? What are your plans? Sorry, I'm just really nosey and have started to become a little obsessed with other peoples weddings!
  • MrsCoe2bMrsCoe2b Posts: 150
    I started planning our September wedding in january.

    Nearly finished now so i think u can do that but like someone mentioned before go do the larger things asap as August is a popular month and places do get booked up.

    Congrats btw
  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    my wedding is in 2012 : ( wish it would go quicker! lol x
  • moffit123moffit123 Posts: 370
    We got engaged in April 2008 and are marrying in September this year, so we have had just over two years and it has been nice to spread out the planning and the saving too!

    Friends of our planned theirs in 8 weeks and had a small wedding (of 22) followed by a party in a social club and it was lovely!
  • We've been engaged since June 08 but only sat down and set a date this March. We are getting married August 25th 5 1/2 months of planning. TBH all I have done is a lot of internet browsing and window shopping. We have the registry office booked then we are having a garden party that I will do the catering for. We are only inviting 16 people so not a big do. I have my dress isn't a wedding dress but is wedding-y in style. I had always wanted to make my wedding dress but I don't have the time (or engergy once LO is in bed). OH is getting his suit from Next. I am getting artifical flowers online. Going to get our rings at the end of the month.

    I think the last month will be hectic for me getting all the things for our garden party, food, plates, glasses, new gazebo, alchohol etc.

    I think the less time you have to plan the less time you have to worry. We are also on a very small budget because we don't want to wait any longer so it means I can buy stuff we don't really need.

  • MrshanstarMrshanstar Posts: 235
    I got engaged mid January and our wedding is April 2011. However I've pretty much sorted out most things already apart from bridesmaids dresses and now have a really long wait!! If you can book the reception and place where you want the ceremony I reckon you'll be able to do it no problem! Good luck and happy planning!!!!!!xxx
  • We got engaged at the end of October and got married at the beginning of April. I was really glad that we got married so quickly, I don't think we could have waited any longer and he little things would have driven me mad! Get the venue and ceremony booked, then get your dress sorted, then make a big list of everything that is essential and concentrate on those, don't sweat the small stuff! Happy planning!
  • 18 months to the day for us. We wanted a long engagement because we wanted to have a fair wedding and honeymoon without going into debt (and with some savings left over) so we needed time to save up. Our honeymoon, as it turns out, is almost as expensive as the wedding itself.

    I absolutely love wedding planning, so I am cherishing every moment and every day that I have to do it. And it's giving me a lot of time to really shop around and find the best deals and creative DIY projects (I have just figured out what I am going to do with my pew ends, and I am very excited).

    This also gives me time to fix anything that goes wrong.
  • We got engaged feb 2009, started planning around sept 2009 and the date is set for may 2011.

    Mainly we've taken this much time because we needed time to save up.

    Like others have said August is a popular month so you'll need to get booking the big things asap.
  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    Hi, i got engaged 15 months ago and get married in 3, (so 18 months after engagement) but this was because for the first 5 months lived abroad - and couldn't get on with it (but was desperate to!) we started looking at venues last june. I felt i could cope in 8/9 months minimum for wedding planning, but then we decided we wanted summer so will have waited a year from starting the plans. I've loved every aspect of wedding planning, but have also started a new and stressful job, and bought a new house, and being quite a stresshead a knew a short time would leave me stressed out, as I had so much else I had to focus my mind on. I think it can be done in 4 months but you need to have the sort of personality that can really cope, decide what you need to do when, stick to it, and devote lots of time to it. I personally did not have this luxoury and also felt it might have taken some of the enjoyment away.

    That said, I do think some people make a meal of it, it's not as hard as people make out. Just don't spend ages on decisions, (although obviously make sure you aren't hiring rubbish people!) you may not be able to have the exact photographer, florist, entertainment, etc that you want now, but you will be able to find ones that are still free - so don't be too set on a vision of every last detail being exactly a certain way. Get the big deposits down, and it becomes clear what else you need to do (also, get straight onto dress). Wishing you the best of luck! x
  • willbemrsgwillbemrsg Posts: 360
    Got engaged in December, marrying in July, so 6.5 months of serious planning! Wish I was more organised - can definately be done, but get used to most of your world being swept along with it for a while as it can get pretty intense, especially if you're on a budget and trying to source less expensive options.


  • N16brideN16bride Posts: 14
    I wouldn't even worry- from engagement to wedding my fiance and I have only 3 months. We're doing it quickly for a number of reasons, but it won't be a massive affair. Once we had a date sorted, we let people know right away, then booked a reception venue. We've got a reasonably small budget, but we're calling in favours for help from people, and we've bought absolutely everything except my dress and our rings online.

    Having a longer period of time to plan is definitely nice, but not strictly necessary, especially if you're having a more simple wedding like us.
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    I got engaged in December and our wedding is July 2011 (could not get a Sat summer date for my venue any earlier). all of the big bits are booked, venue, registrar, photographer etc. It is good having a while to plan and get my ideas in order but I can't wait for the end of the year / start of next to start booking the smaller bits.
  • racy84racy84 Posts: 36
    we got engaged mother day and was going get married 2011 april but due to not havin the venue we wanted we not been able to do that but i was finding it tight with planning and gettin all the money up together so now we gettin married june 2012
  • kelmistykelmisty Posts: 860
    I got engaged 1st April 2010......will be getting married Oct 2011.....18 months image

    Time to save and plan without stress. Oh and make invitations etc!
  • susie123uksusie123uk Posts: 259
    We got engaged at end of Feb this year and we're getting married beg Oct this year, so just over 7 months. Its been fine for us, personally I wouldn't like it to be any longer than that. I have found that it takes over your life (if you let it!) and I actually quite like our life anyway and in a weird way I'm looking forward to being married and with this wedding stuff out of the way! The only downside in my opinion with a shorter engagement is less choice - e.g. if you have your heart set on a particular photographer or date/time etc - then you may find things are already booked. We were really lucky in that none of our first choice suppliers were unavailable (although we are getting married in October which is less busy I guess). Oh and less time for saving money I guess if thats needed. Other than that no problem at all with a few months!

    Good luck, you'll be absolutely fine.
  • Susie123 could well have been writing my reply!

    We got engaged at the end of Feb and within 7 weeks I had all the big stuff sorted, including my dress (I didn't realise when I tried it on in the shop that it was one I could buy there and then - bonus!)

    We are getting married in November and I don't think I could cope with waiting any longer. Again, all our no.1 suppliers were available so we didn't have to compromise on anything.

    Personally, I think the longer you have to plan, the more stressful it can get! Good luck!
  • We got engaged in December 2006...finally decided to set a date at the beginning of January 2010 and wedding is on Friday 23rd April so only a few days excited I can't concentrate on anything but thinking about Friday!!

    Planning in a short time worked for us as we were able to get a discount on the reception venue and there was less time for us to get caught up in silly details instead of looking at the bigger picture!
  • FreewomanukFreewomanuk Posts: 281
    We got engaged at the end of January and want a February 2011 wedding...but the issue is complicated by the fact that we live in Australia and are really angsting over which country to do it in!

    Feb is Summer in Aus but Winter in UK, so weather would be much nicer here. However, less people will come including our best friends who have a young baby. So Aus would be cheaper and simpler, which is really appealing, but won't have everyone there - DILEMMA!

    We are looking at Australian venues at the moment and are going to see if we find our dream place. If so, the wedding will be in Aus and we'll have 10 months to plan. Plenty of time, I reckon (although I don't have much with a demanding full-time job and part-time study).

    If we don't find what we want, then we'll be in the UK in August and will look at venues then. That would mean only 5 1/2 months of planning, whilst in Australia which makes me a bit nervous!! Hopefully though, we could sort a lot of things like outfits, rings etc out now and my Mum can deal with the venue stuff...luckily she has good taste and isn't a MotheroftheBridezilla!

    Think it is only as complicated as you make it though, sure it can be done and done well in a short time (especially if you live in the right country!) x
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    You can do that no problem! I started planning in January, and am running out of things to do! We aren't getting married until next August! Wish we had booked it for this year as everything will be ready image Ah well. Don't delay if you don't have to! Hope it all goes well xx
  • started planning june 2009 and wedding booked for august so 14 months.. it has gone really quick but now im an a lull just waiting. we wanted to get married on our anniversary so august 13th it was.. to b fair i think weddings can be as stressful as you make them!

    Good luck!

    x x
  • VodkaggirlyVodkaggirly Posts: 721
    I'm doing it with 4 months as well.

    The only worry was the dress, went to a wedding fair and a horrible man told me I would never get a dress in time - went shopping and most other places were very helpful and I ended up buying a shop sample anyway. I would suggest getting on to that as soon as possible and asking shops about there ordering timescales when you make appointments.

    Got the main things, venues, dress, photographer sorted within 2 weeks and had the rest of the time spent faffing with the little details. Turned dreadfully indecisive now and so glad I don't have 18 months - I would of changed my mind thousands of times.
  • thank you all for your replies: i feel very reassured now!

    the reason we chose the 7th august was because we'd looked at a local leisure club for the reception and DF rang them to see what dates they had this year. that was the only date they had! so we decided to plump for it.

    it seemed a lot simpler than i thought: because it's fewer than 6 months we've had to pay it in all in one go, so that's all done and over with!

    DF is the church organist, so we know that that date is free at church! and it means we'll get a free choir and organist (not DF, we've got 2 organists! image ).

    so that's the venue and the church.

    the dress, as i mentioned, i'll be making myself, so I hope i get it right or i'll be panicking like mad in the week before!

    so, we have to think about food (we want to have a cheap buffet and drinks in the church before we go onto the venue).

    we want a disco in the evening, and before that we're having bellydancers (i belong to a dance troupe who have agreed to dance for us if they get fed! obviously they'll be invited as bona fide guests too!!) we haven't looked for a DJ yet...

    i'm hoping we can use the normal church flowers (prob have to donate costs)

    and DF will need a suit, but he's got a niece's wedding in June so he's thinking of buying one for that and just getting a new shirt and tie for ours.

    i'm very indecisive, too, so if i was given more time, i think i'd change my mind about 8million times.

  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    We got engaged in January and get married next April so 15 months in total x
  • We got engaged in March and ideally I would have liked to have got married in September but we couldn't get the venue we want so we have set the date for May next year. When I wanted to get married in September, everyone said that it would be too stressful and we would never to it. Since getting engaged at the end of March, we have booked a venue, photographer and band/DJ. I am trying to do something each month so I can keep the excitement levels up!

    I am pleased we have a wee bit longer to save up and look forward to things. Also, we are having a wedding weekend where we are asking our friends to go away for a couple of nights and thought it would be best to give people a bit of notice.

    The other main reason I am glad I have a year to plan is that I want to lose at least a stone before I go for a dress. image
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