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Hi All,

I'm getting married sometime in summer 2011 and I am desperately trying to find a venue that I like and is OK for our numbers (90 for day, 140 for night). So far on my short list I have Glenskirlie, Melville Castle,Dalhousie Castle, Norton House, Culreuch Castle, Houston House and Marriot Dalmahoy. Glenskirlie is best in terms of location but i'm worried it might be too modern/corporate. I live in London so it's hard to get to see them. Has anyone been to or been married in these venues??


  • Hi, i'm getting married at Glenskirlie in October this year and it's lovely, not too modern or corporate at all but if you have people coming from London then you might be limited with rooms for people staying over, each wedding (they have 2 a day) only get an allocation of 7 rooms.

    Try Dundas Castle aswell, it's nearer Edinburgh, South Queensferry really.

    Here's the web address:

    It is absoloutly stunning but might be too far for you.


  • Hiya, my bridesmaid got married at Culcreuch Castle few years ago, it is a lovely place and beautiful grounds. They had a bouncy castle out in the courtyard and everyone was running out between courses of the meal!image

    We really wanted Dundas Castle but the budget wouldn't reach, it has stunning grounds and the 'keep' you get married in is the farthest from modern you can get! the pics on the website really don't do it justice, and the marquee is lovely too.
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    Im getting married in Gleskirlie Castle on 6th August and am arranging my wedding from Bath, so know how you feel! I visited quite a few venues, but H2B and I feel in love with Glenskirlie as it's so pretty and they're attention to detail in the decor of the rooms is fabulous!

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    One of my best girlfriends got married in Dalhousie Castle in December 2008 and the setting was lovely. She worked in their falconry centre at that point and had one of her owls delivering the rings in the chapel. I think I may have had slightly too much fun, now I think about it, as I can't remember details of the food or drink although I remember a lot of dancing and jolliness.
  • I'm no use with the other venues as never been, but my venue holds something like 80-250 in the main room, la sala classica. The room is beautiful. It's Bothwell Bridge Hotel and has tons of rooms and is easy to get to from Glasgow or Edinburgh (but is nearer Glasgow).

    Good luck image
  • I looked and Glenskirlie and really liked it but I had 120 day guests so was too small for me. If you think the castle is too modern the House is a bit more traditional - I seen it set up for a wedding when I went to view and it was really elegant!

    Have a look at Airth Castle - Its not that far from Glenskirlie, Larbert in Falkirk. Thats were I had my wedding last August and it was everything I could have dreamed of and more! Location was stunning, enough bedrooms for everyone - half my guests travelled from Leciester and the staff and food was exceptional! But you will need to book sharpish - I booked nearly 2 years in advance and could not get a Saturday in August! So we opted for the Friday of the late August bank holiday weekend in England so all my travelling guests had a fab long weekend!

  • Thanks for the replies everyone! Will definately go see Glenskirlie - was just bit worried as someone said on TripAdvisor that it was just a series of modern buildings by the road side?

    I really like the look of both Dundas and Dalhousie also but they seem very expensive? I've worked them out to be nearly 10k including hire of the room for ceremony & reception as well as marquee/pavillion and the meal and drinks - is this normal?! I'm struggling with knowing how much these things reasonably are. I guess they are a little more expensive as they are exclusive use...
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    We were looking for somewhere for 120 by day, 150 at night.

    We visited Melville Castle, Houstoun House, The Dalmahoy, The Prestonfield Hotel, The George (George Street Edinburgh) and the Balmoral in Edinburgh (as well as 2 places in the Lake District). We loved the Prestonfield and Houstoun House in particular as they had lots of character.

    In the end we went for Merewood Country House Hotel in the Lake District as we both loved it and could have it exclusive use within our budget. Houstoun House was a very close second though.

    PS I live in London too so understand how difficult it is shortlisting from away
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    Hi, What about Comlogon Castle, it's meant to be amazing, oldy worldy and modern, best of both worlds. It's near Gretna. The food is meant to be amazing and they can cater for hundreds! I've only ever heard good things. I'm not getting married there because we want an intimate affair, but did consider it! image
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    Hey! Have you heard of Carberry Tower? It's in East Lothian near Musselburgh - the website's not very help, but you can download a wedding package! You can also make an appointment for a showround image
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