Just stepped onto the rollercoaster ...!!

I am so excited, H2B and I went to view a venue today and ended up booking our wedding!!!!!!!!

I wanted to get married around Easter time next year as my brother lives in Australia and I wanted to get the best time for them to get back - without disrupting the children's school too much. We've managed to get 27th April which is the Wednesday after Easter. We're getting married in Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean. The venue is perfect and we are so excited!

OMG - I'm getting married and I have loads to organise!!!!


  • Carrie497Carrie497 Posts: 273
    Well, I'm not sure what happened, I posted a post but it seems to have disappeared - weird!!

    I'll try again:

    H2B and I went to view a venue this afternoon and ended up booking our wedding! I thought we'd come away and think about it!

    It is going to be 27th April 2011 at Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean and I am so excited!
  • Cupcake4everUKCupcake4everUK Posts: 7,170
    How exciting!

    I'm sure it's a lovely venue. You've done well to have booked up your venue...the best ones get snapped up months in advance.

    I felt that I'd jumped on board the Wedding Express when I got engaged...we first looked at the church I believe (to get a date) and then venues...everything else fits around these two things. Enjoy every minute of the planning...it's great fun!
  • Awww congratulations! It's such an amazing feeling!! I'm in the midst of organising my big day and it's not until next July! Welcome to the world of flowers, cakes, colour schemes and guest list politics!!;)
  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667
    Welcome aboard !!
  • MangoToesMangoToes Posts: 477
    It really is a rollercoaster! From the moment you get engaged you're on that nerve-wracking but ridiculously exciting ascent up the track and then as soon as you book the venue, you're in free-fall! I got engaged in February and our wedding is next June - we've booked our venues, transport and even first night accommodation, so just five squillion other things left to do!!! It's so much fun tho - just hope my boss doesnt realise how distracted I am at the moment!!! hee hee! image
  • Carrie497Carrie497 Posts: 273
    Thanks ladies, I am on a complete high at the moment. Just got to get my head round all the other things I need to do - LOL at the guest list politics, that started as soon as we got engaged!!

    Next stop - wedding dress shops!!
  • MrsKC2bMrsKC2b Posts: 411
    Hello Carrie!!!! I went to a wedding last January at Clearwell Castle and it truly is so beautiful!! You will LOVE it!! AND... you're getting married on my birthday. Both these things add up to make me like your wedding plans. A LOT. xx
  • kem2011kem2011 Posts: 173
    Congratulations Carrie.

    We too are having our wedding in April next year (but on 16th) due to H2B's brother living out in Australia - we wanted to give him plenty of time to save up. But he is now getting married himself this year (a bit of a shock, as they only met a few months back), and looking into buying a house. So all this time he had to save to come over to our wedding, he's now spending on himself. How selfish image
  • i love the forest of dean.. im getting married in Bath. not too far next year in June. soo exciting x
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