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wedding items for sale

Hi Ladies still got a number of items left which i am desperately trying to sell on not only for space due to my move but funds. Drop me an email if anything interested you.

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Just got married recently and I have got a number of items for sale. These are available for a limites time as need to sell them by the weekend as I am moving house (i have left this to the very last minute). Let me know asap if you are interested and will try and send through pics etc. Please reply to this or email me [email protected]

I have got:

1 diamonte hairslide

4 olive green grecian style long bridesmaid dresses. All were hand made and silk in sizes 8,10,12,16. Can easily be altered to fit.

Ivory peep toe shoes will small heel in size 8 (pink by paradox called sherbert)- these are also dyeable

Floral aisle runner

20 Luminiere or candle lanterns

Brand new DKNY bronze swarzski watch (bought as thank you gift for a bridesmaid that dropped out at last minute)

Have also got a number of vases (Sold)

sweetie tables (Sold)

Thanks everyone

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