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how soon is too soon to book the venue? does it affect the costs?

i still have four years until my h2b and i get wed however we would like to start viewing venues this summer and get a real idea of our buget. I know that if we find the venue this summer, we will want to book our date for august 2014 as soon as we can so we dont loose it as its special to us. so when is too soon to book?

Also will costs change over the years or if we book sooner will they hold 2011 costs? (sorry if im asking silly questions)


  • monkeykiamonkeykia Posts: 132
    Usually, they will be loyal to the costs at the time of booking. My venue put up their food and drink prices this year, but because we booked in 2008, we get 2008 prices. But definitely check with them first!! The only thing I would say though is that you might change your mind in 4 years!! So by all means start looking, but a lot can change in terms of what you want in 4 years! I booked almost 2 years in advance and although I don't regret it, I did have a bit of a change of heart about the type of wedding I wanted... Good luck!! Just out of interest why are you having such a long engagement?? xxxx
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    I have 2 years and we are booking our end of may and doing the church the begining of may......some places only go a certain amount of years in advance, i would say look around, if you find one you like ask the wedding co-ordinater about when you can book, they may say get back in contact with us next year if they do, keep emailing them/calling them every couple of months to make sure they still have your date, that is what i have done i have been in constant contact with ours since early feb......

    If i were you i would just enjoy being engaged for now, then in a year or so start looking for places and getting baby kia said you will probably change your mind Quite a few times lol i have about 6 times.

  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    oh and as far as costs, if you book the Venue as in just the shell in 2011 then that will stay the same but food probably will go up buy then.
  • Katy_j91Katy_j91 Posts: 21
    mainly money as we wanted to save a nice amount and have no worries when it came to deciding what we wanted. Then the other big one was our carer goals and finishing a certain level of qualifications first so we just worked out what is best for us.

    Thank you, yeah we have done a good amount of research in considering what we want and what suits our very different families, and how we can accomodate needs and numbers so we know where we wana view and what looks good.
  • it is too far in advance i think but if you are prepared to lose the deposit (what if they go bust or you find somewhere you prefer?) then go for it.
  • MrsKiraSRMrsKiraSR Posts: 1,424
    If you do decide on a venue, and really want to book it, then do. BUT, agree with them in advance of giving any deposit, what their terms will be on prices.

    Venues will vary in what they will offer to advance bookers. Mine froze the prices for us as soon as we booked and paid a deposit. Others i have heard of have refused to freeze anything, or have guaranteed a maximum rise of X% per year. Some have said they would freeze one thing, then whacked the other up terribly to make up for it. So be aware, and be clear on what you are getting.

    And make sure you get it all in writing, signed by whoever is in charge. This will form a contract, and if they try and change their minds later, it will give you come back.

    I.e if you CAN get them agree to freeze all prices- venue rental, catering etc to those in place at the time you make your booking, then great! You should start as this as your position- sell it to them as they are getting the guarantee of money and an initial deposit which is good for their cash flow and books.

    If they wont't go for that, then maybe ask if they will hold the price of any rental/venue hire fees, and agree a maximum % increase for the catering/beverages. I.e they guarantee no more than 5% increase in catering and bev costs.

    If they wont do either, then i'd be wary, as basically they can put their costs up to whatever, and if you have given a deposit, then you either have to cough up whatever they ask, or lose your deposit.

    The only other option, if they wont freeze or cap either, is ask them to put in writing an agreement that if they put their costs up more than x% you can withdraw without losing your deposit.

    If they wont do that either, then walk away!
  • MrsKiraSRMrsKiraSR Posts: 1,424
    The other thing to point out, is that you should sort out your wedding insurance before you hand over any money for anything wedding related.

    So if you see a venue you like, get the wedding insurance bought before you hand over any deposit, so that you are covered if the venue goes bust, or has any other problems.

    If you leave it till afterwards, you leave yourself open to problems.

    K x
  • Katy_j91Katy_j91 Posts: 21
    thank you image thats alot of helpful advice, it does sound like waiting until 2 -2 and a half years in advance would be more worth while. We can just enjoy saving for the venue for now and hope to view as many as we can until we know we have found the right one.

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