buckinghamshire brides!!

Are there any buckinghamshire brides out there???!

I'm getting married 27th august 2011.

Have venue booked

Church booked

save the date cards

Thats about it.. so much to do!

How are your plans coming alongimage


  • Hi, Im getting married in Beaconsfield. I have church and venue booked, not much else... am looking for photographers but they're soooooo expensive! When are you sending out your save the date cards?

    Sarah xxx
  • I have booked for 21 July 2012, but am not local to Buckinghamshire I actually live in Lincolnshire!!! Have booked church and just got quote from venue - very early stages!! Any tips/advice on suppliers would be helpful image
  • klmbasklmbas Posts: 17

    Just moved in with my boyfriend to Beaconsfield, I'm an Essex girl!

    We are getting married in Chelsea though.

    Haven't done anything except booked the Registry office marrying in May 2001 image
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