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Video and Photo in East Sussex


I'm looking for a company that offers videography and photography for our wedding day but I don't want them to cost the earth!image

Any recommendations greatly received!!!

Our wedding is next June and will be in Hastings, East Sussex


  • MrsB007MrsB007 Posts: 117
    I run Lime Leaf Weddings photography, and we work in partnership with FX Films for the videography if that helps? We have a 'simplicity package' but if you are after shorter hours, only 1 videographer we can always do a custom quote for you.

    My mum lives in Hastings, where abouts are you getting married?
  • Can't help with videography but does some amazing photography. Travels all over.
  • IzlayukIzlayuk Posts: 12
    Thank-you both for the replies, we are getting married at St Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Chirch

    I LOVE the natural style of photos from both of the websites suggested but I couldn't get the highlights clip to work on lime leafs website to see the video.

    We would have to compromise on the time that photographers/videographers were with us to afford you (lime leafs) and I don't think that it will be an option that h2b would like, I will try and think of cheaper ways of doing it otherwise something will have to give in the budget because I will definitely want a record of our whole day.

    Thanks again! image
  • MrsB007MrsB007 Posts: 117
    Hmm, not sure why the video doesnt work, will get the IT guru to look into it.

    Let me know if you want any more info, or a custom quote - dont know if there is still a PM function on here since it all changed x
  • kazpetekazpete Posts: 8

    we are using mick house for photography

    and for video

    hope it helps

    you have to got to photographers blog to see pics of recent weddings
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