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Too old for JLS, too young for Brown Eyed Girl

Hi everyone

Virgin site user alert! First time on the site, first time getting married too!

How expensive is this marriage business? And it is a business! Trying to organise a venue without paying with the blood of your first born is so difficult. Mention the 'W' word and the costs increase tenfold. How can venues charge you extra for the privelege of having tablecloths slung over their fold away tables and ask for the money without smirking? Since when was a tablecloth a luxury item?

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying to make our day brilliant fun and aesthetically pleasing, but I do object to forking out for napkins at huge expense when I could nip into Asda and get a set of 100 for less than the cost of a 'damask' one from the venue! Grrr...

On the plus side, the dress is bought, the ceremony's booked, now it's onto the entertainment and the reception venue. Looking for ideas - we're getting married in Edinburgh next year. Being an old goth/rock chick, the thought of a princess fairy tale wedding with boy bands fills me with dread. Having recently seen a tv programme about gypsy traveller weddings, I'm thanking my lucky stars that THE DRESS I bought - more by accident than anything else - is no meringue. Mind you, if I don't start THE WEDDING DIET soon, I could well be stuck in the carriage...

Anyway, wedding bands in Edinburgh - any ideas? We'd like a mix of ceilidh and tunes, no plastic pop, just good old rock and stuff to get the father in law grooving away image Oh, and carrying on the theme, we'd like to pay a decent amount rather than be fleeced by an agent in a mask!

Any thoughts on unusual venues in or around Edinburgh?

All advice and suggestions gratefully received,

yours despairingly etc x


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Sorry can't help with the location but stick to what you want. By the way my venue provides table linen, napkins etc as part of the hire and the cost to book entire venue for the day is £650
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    I'm Edinburgh based and also too old for JLS (although I dispute that anyone's too young for Brown Eyed Girl). I'm not quite into getting quotes as we haven't quite got to that stage yet, but someone suggested initially getting quotes for a "family reunion" or just saying "a large private dinner" rather than mentioning the "W" word. I'm Scottish and Jewish and I'm damned if I'm going to be ripped off if I can afford it.

    As to unusual venues, it depends on what size of venue you're looking for.

    Mansfield Traquair is stunning but totally and utterly out of my budget.

    Ghillie Dhu has not long opened but seems horrifically expensive for what it is (while it is gorgeous, it's not so gorgeous that ?????£80-100 a head for a minimum of 80 guests plus ?????£1000 venue fee seems reasonable).

    The Lot is a rather lovely converted church where they have regular ceilidhs (but has strict rules on stiletto heels).

    Thomas Morton Hall in Leith looks quite interesting for a reception as it has a sprung dancefloor, but I haven't actually been there yet.

    Are you Edinburgh-based or just getting married here?

    There are some great reception venues around the city that are owned by public bodies, either the council or the universities. Thanks to the Fringe there is no shortage of interesting venues.

    Finally, welcome to the boards and congratulations! Do let us know how you get on!

    (Edited because I missed that you'd booked the ceremony)
  • NewcastleBeccaNewcastleBecca Posts: 1,450
    I would totally check out rocknrollbride if you haven't already. It caters to those not wanting the whole fairytale who are far trendier than I!

    You may find a venue that someone else has used already?
  • BorthyBorthy Posts: 4
    Hi Special sundae

    Thanks for the top tips. We're only getting married in Edinburgh, not Edi based. I've looked into some of your suggestions - brilliant, thanks! Really appreciate your help....onwards and upwards!
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    brilliant post image

    I think anyone legally old enough to wed is tto old for JLS so that goes without saying

    mentioning the W word is always a bad idea, none of our suppliers are aware it's anything other than a 'party' and I'm sure it's saved us money

    you should check out the alternative weddings topic, there's some great tips in there, a lot of people in the main forum are princess meringues

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