My Flowers have arrived!

My flowers have arrived and they are soooo beautiful, exactly what I wanted and even better than my expectations! image

They are silk foam roses and look so real you just wouldn't know they're not unless you look really really closely!

Now I know we're not getting married until next year and it might seem premature to order flowers now but I knew exactly what I wanted and when I found them I knew I had to order them now, I also expected them to take a lot longer to arrive!

I'm not very good with photos, this pic is the seller's, I'm sure she won't mind me posting it here (free advertising lol!) their ebay id is startrekvoyagercats incase anyone would like to take a look at her designs image


  • Picture helps!

  • peachiepieukpeachiepieuk Posts: 751
    Those are beautiful!
  • Thank you peachiepie image They have tiny pearl sprays sticking out of them which are just visable in the picture and beautiful ivory satin and pale pink organza ribbons aroung the handles
  • Their gawjus x
  • Real nice how much did you pay for them all im having ivory n pale pink 2 image
  • my bouquet, 2 bridemaids bouquets, flower girl post, 3 corsages, grooms buttonhole and 8 plain button holes all came to just under £100 image

    The ebay seller (mentioned in OP) does all different designs and different colours, I just emailed her with what I was after and she gave me a quote image
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