Finally booked!!

I'm so excited we paid the deposit for our venue today so it's now official, 26th July 2012, seems ages away but I can't help getting excited. I've seen so many ideas and helpful comments on this site and now I can start using them and really get stuck into the planning. Sorry not really a question just wanted to share my excitement!!


  • Congratulations, it is so exciting when you finally set the date and start the wheels in motion isn't it? I was the same and just really wanted to tell everyone. In fact I think my h2b drove everyone mad, doing just that.
  • Welshbride10Welshbride10 Posts: 161

    time will fly by for you. i couldnt wait to tell everyone once we had booked
  • TheNewMrsFTheNewMrsF Posts: 628
    awww congratulations.....time will fly by we booked our venue over a year ago for june 2011 and we book the registrar tomorrow image It will fly by honestly I didn't believe people when they said it would but i really don't know where this last year has gone. One tip is to book suppliers if you know they are who you want so you won't be disappointed xxxx
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    Time will fly by image
  • soulmatessoulmates Posts: 173
    brilliant, where have you booked? (I'm such a sucker for details)
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    Thanks everyone I'm sure it will fly by. We're gonna start looking for photographer etc in a few weeks as we live in Kent but I'm originally from the Wirral so getting married there, we're both teachers so gonna stay with my mum for a few weeks during the summer hols to try and get a few more things sorted.

    Soulmates - We've booked Thornton Manor. I'm a sucker for details too, love looking at everyones pics and plans.
  • its so exciting isnt it......ive just paid our deposit today too 27th may 2012
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    Congratulations! I have yet to set a date image since I cannot look at venues until August at least.

    Like they all said, time will fly :P
  • Congratulations! So exciting when you set the date isn't it!
  • Congratulations image

    I am going to be a 2012 bride as well, have provisionally set a date for June 2012. We just need to pay the deposit & then we are all set to go.

    As you say seems so far away but i bet these next 2 years will fly by

    I feel so organised already image i know what i want etc, but feel at this stage there isnt alot that can be done. We have been looking at the different styles of invatations recently. I have a spread sheet all set up of what i want the price etc so i know where i am & what i am looking at price wise for the whole thing

    I need until 2012 to save image
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    I'm 2012 too, are any of you ladies North East brides?

    I'm around Newcastle area! We want end of July 2012 but because of work haven't been able to book or even visit our first choice of venue yet!! I work holidays and live in edinburgh for uni in term time so i'm worried about how long I'll actually have spare to plan!

    Exciting to plan even online though isn't it!!! First dress appointment tomorrow too!!!

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