How to ask "be my bridesmaid"?!

Hi girls,

How have you, or how are you planning to do this?

I'm going dress shopping in an hour and a half with a good friend and I'd like to ask her if she'll be one of my bridesmaids. I want it to be significant though, so I'm panicking a bit!!

Any ideas?




  • lol, me and my bridesmaids had got to a "burlesque" dance class which turned out to be street dance with all the other women looking like models in their sportswear while we were stoot at the back (in heels and dresses) not understanding any of it, when i asked them...they all said yes and we jumped about excitedly for a while then left the class to go get cosmopolotans :P

    it was amazing and so funny xx
  • barso23587barso23587 Posts: 66
    I texted one of my bridesmaids asking her, whilst she was sitting right next to me! Wish i'd done it differently, but was too 'shy' to ask her outright!! lmao xx
  • You probably don't have time but Wilksons sell this strange little decorate you doll kit for about £3. I made this up to look like my bridesmaid (well I tried) and put it in a cute box with a little 'will you be my bridesmaid'. Was cheesy as hell both we both cried! LOL
  • pagegraciepagegracie Posts: 38
    Hi ladies!

    Thanks for all your input! The doll thing is so cute. I ended up not asking cause I wanted it to be special and time ran out to organise anything! Silly me.

    So, on with the diabolical planning to come with something unique!

  • I asked my girls in December, I got us all together for a 'Christmas' drink, and gave them little presents. The presents were little boxes, with these in them (the bridesmaids ones)... . It was really nice, and we cried too!!! xx
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