Save The Date cards

We've just booked our wedding for Saturday 9th June 2012 - when should we be sending out Save The Date cards? Is it too early? Should we be waiting until January time of next year?

Also, as we don't know what stationary we're having yet, I'm thinking of making Save the date cards fun and making then as a front cover of like Hello magazine (I'm a magazine journalist so fitting with my job!) is this a bit too tacky? Will have nice classy invitations! x


  • Rachieb88Rachieb88 Posts: 70
    I'd say to send them out a year before... not too early cause people forget! and the invites follow on six months after that...

    I love the idea of hello magazine! I got my invites from planet-cards,, and I'm sure I saw they had magazine style cards.. I'll have to have a wee look for you!

  • MrsVanderSteenMrsVanderSteen Posts: 8,204
    Hi petal,

    We're sending ours just a year in advance as don't want to confuse people...(i.e: as soon as they read June some will assume is the following June)

    We're having fridge magnets that match the rest of our stationary so people can put them in their fridges and remember image

  • The magnets are a cool idea! Where are they from?

    I was thinking of designing the front cover myself as I have the software, etc and did all magazine design stuff at uni!
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