Anyone having ivory & gold? ideas needed!

Any ideas would be good been looking at gold boxes for favours not got a clue about flowers maybe just ivory but don't want them to look boring! some pics of your stuff would be good thanks image


  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

    I had a black and white theme and all our guests came in black and white. I had a gold wedding dress.

    If you want to see our pics then drop me a mail and I'll send you the link.

    [email protected]

    Mrs Bx
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    Hi Lovely,

    Our wedding in March '10 was Ivory, Gold and sparkles themed!

    The favour boxes i used were ivory, but an embossed damask pattern which made them a bit more interesting, then tied with ivory and gold ribbon that i had used on all our invites and wrapped round some bay trees.

    Have included a photo or two, and the link to our pics, in case it helps with some ideas!

[email protected]/

    Shout if i can help with anything

    K x
  • MrsKiraSRMrsKiraSR Posts: 1,424
    P.s these were my flowers.. ivory, cream and ivy with sparkle from crystals. Not boring at all IMHO!! image

    K x

  • Love the pics flowers are great with the crystals thanks image
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