Is it customary for the bride and grooms parents to sit together at the wedding reception?

one of the tradition states they should be sat:

Best man, grooms mum, brides dad , bride, groom, Brides mum, groooms dad, cheif bridesmaid

Hope that helps xxx


  • that was someone elses question but it disappeared?
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    We're just keeping our parents together, they'd much rather sit together than with the inlaws!

    Ours will be BM no 1, MOB, FOB, B2B, G2B, MIL2B, FIL2B, BM no2

  • Yea i think u can do whatever really...mines going to be difficult coz i've got stepparents on the table too lol thinik thers' 12 of us! x
  • I don't think there any any rules any more. We're having a sweetheart table of just us as its just h2b's mom coming out of family. I dont think you need to worry about including parents partners, husbands of bridesmaids, flowergirls etc...
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