What do you think about brides wearing short wedding dresses?

i think why not wear what your comfortable in image


  • clair1982clair1982 Posts: 7
    love them! I actually wrote a post on blog about them recently - so mnay goregous ones available now.

  • laura616laura616 Posts: 57
    i love the idea you should wear what makes you feel special x
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    this is a troll guys, where flooding the forum advertising their website, they will be removed on monday then the web ed is back!

    don't reply!

    if you look on the other web forums she also apparently having a muslim wedding, a garden wedding, a coloured wedding dress, all in total it looks like shes having 12 dresses!
  • xayukxayuk Posts: 591 New bride
    As long as you are comfortable in the style , short wedding dresses can still be elegant and chic for a wedding !

    For all types of wedding dresses take a look at:

  • image This is just right my dear. By the way, I discovered a hot short dress at goodorient! This will be very dazzling for petite and short brides like you! image
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