where do i start?

me and my bf ave just recently got engaged and i was wonderin where do i start? image


  • kattia001kattia001 Posts: 772
    oh how bloomin exciting for you!!!!!


    i guess the firt thing to do is decide what kind of wedding you both want!! Then figure out how much its going to cost you, set a realistic date and start saving your pennies!!!!

    Its such an exciting time for you!! All the wedding fayres are starting up soon so go along and get some idea's! My advice would be think very carefully who you want in your wedding party before asking anyone to be bridesmaid(BM) or ushers.

    I got loads of magazines and started looking at idea's for themes and colours ect!!

    Good luck hun - this is going to be one of the most exciting times of your life!!!

    One more tip - be organized with your plans and purchases. Negotiate on everything!!

    x x x x
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    tanx 4 da advice image id need 2 write everything down cos im no good at organisin and my fiance really laid bac lol i was tinkin on cream and red or cream and black sort of theme so lookin at dresses and all in dat theme prob bit 2 early yet 2 b orderin anythin tho lol but gud 2 ave the ideas there, i ave 4 sisters so they will b my bm's but fiance only has 2 bros so dnt knw who else he cud ask as groomsmen
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    i got a filofax and used that as i am probably one of the most un-organised people you could know!!! But it helped loads - everything in one place and all my idea's collected together!!your theme may depend a lot upon the venue you pick and what you can have and will match the setting so start having a look round at places. x x x x
  • mrsC2B1mrsC2B1 Posts: 4
    ah dat a gud idea il ave 2 get myself a filofax we ave an idea of where we wud like da venue so must actually go in check it out c if dey can accomodate da theme we wud like
  • kattia001kattia001 Posts: 772
    you will get a lot of ideas and great advice from other ladies on here as well - where to buy things, swap things, how to negotiate - you will get addicted to this website so be warned!! LMAO!! x x x
  • mrsC2B1mrsC2B1 Posts: 4
    yeah im seein dat already poppin in every 5 mins c if dere anythin new up lol all advice is welcomed gratefully cos i avent a clue
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