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Small intimate wedding ideas

Hi all, I'm after ideas on small intimates weddings. Maybe up to 30 guests?

Venues dont seem to want to know if its under 50/80 and we're really only thinking of keeping it beautifully simple.

As of yet no date has been set but will most likely be summer 2012 (due to job restrictions)

I have no idea what kind of budget to set, even though we want it personal we dont want it to seem its a small wedding because we cant afford it (if that makes sense and doesnt sound like I'm a snob, I'm not believe me!)

Can anyone point me in the direction of previous posts similar to mine as the search tool seems to hate me!


  • I booked my wedding 3 weeks ago getting married 18 th sept 2010 just having family and very close friends so 24 adults 6 kids. Having a register office wedding followed by drinks and buffet at a hotel. We are having the room as a small function not an wedding reception (i think its same thing!) but the hotel charges so much less image we have two children and are just doing it as cheap as possible its all about the two of use getting married not paying £40 for every 1 to have a meal n say they didnt like it! image
  • MrsSavage2BMrsSavage2B Posts: 266
    Hello both,

    We're only having immediate family/friends for our wedding too. There will be 22 adults and 9 children. Having a registry office ceremony and then wedding breakfast in the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth. We will then have an evening party later with more guests, but you can miss that out completely if you want to.

    I'm not sure where you are based, but I think this can of thing would be beautiful for an intimate wedding if you have the budget(see intimate package):

    You may even recover some of the costs if guests were happy to pay to stay and with it being in 2012, it would give them time to save if needed.

    Just some ideas we went through obviously, but I'm sure there are lots of similar places where you are.

    Hope this helps xx
  • minkie70minkie70 Posts: 44

    We are also having just a small intimate wedding - about 20 adults and 10 kids.

    Our venue did suggest that we had it on a sunday to avoid the minimum numbers required etc and they seem a bit more flexible with what we want as off peak. We are spending money on the little things that we will remember the day by rather than feeding relatives that you never speak to.

    Is anyone doing anything after the wedding breakfast as the numbers are too small for a disco but dont want the day to just fizzle out??
  • Hi all,

    We got married last Sunday and had 24 guests ( 2 were babies)

    It really was the most amazing and relaxed day ever. I never wanted a big affair for the wedding day and we couldn't have wished for a more perfect day.

    We opted for a Sunday, as was said before minimum numbers did not apply. We had a simple civil service in the hotel, followed by pimms and croquet on the lawns then a lovely 3 course dinner.

    At about 9.30pm we went outside on the meadows near the hotel and let of sky lanterns.

    our wedding was at 4pm - it was just so lovely with close family and special friends - it made the day so very personal to us.

    It wasnt that we could not afford a bigger wedding - we could have if we wanted, but we didnt, i have had so many lovely compliments from our guests.

    We did get a few whispers when we first decided on the small affair from extended family that were not invited and couldn't understand why.... but don't let that put you off. We did have a party on Saturday where lots of family came so we could celebrate with them in a setting that we were comfortable and happy with.

  • minkie70minkie70 Posts: 44
    Hi kittykatflash2,

    Big congratulations on your wedding!

    That sounds so lovely - I hope my wedding turns out like that!

    Did you have your guests on one big table or did you have small tables? Also after eating did you sit around drinking, talkng etc or did you have any entertainment.

    The sky lanterns sounds a fab end to the night. image
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    where are you planning on getting married? I am getting married abroad so only have 10 people coming but if it was in the UK i would also be doing what you are planning.
  • Hey -

    We had one big oval table, it was fantastic! We could see everyone and was able to talk to everyone.

    We did the sky lanterns at 9.30pm and they took about 45mins then we went back in to our room and had tea, coffee and wedding cake, followed by everyone sitting outside in the courtyard of the hotel drinking... tis was fabulous.

    I'm doing my wedding report in newlyweds atm, 18th July wedding...
  • xxMrsTxxxxMrsTxx Posts: 467
    hi, im already married but most of my wedding was small and intimate. It was 4pm on a wednesday (our anniversary so we didnt chose that day for any other reason bar we wanted to marry on our anniversary lol) summertime june wedding and it was so sunny and warm, ceremony at our venue that has amazing secret gardens and stuff, only immediate family (parents, grandparents and aunts/uncles, and my 2 best friends as bm's) it was about 16 people. Very relaxed and so romantic in a small little room and everybody could hear every word without needing to shout or microphone (lol) and i could hear everyone blubbing which was cute.

    we went outside, had some photos, got some drinks and sat out in the gardens while we had photos taken. never been so relaxed in my life before image and then we had afternoon tea which was lovely and i got to sit around giggling with my husband and friends whilst our new big family joined up tables and had a laugh. we had other guests arrive later on, about 2 and a half hours after ceremony and then we cut the cake, did speeches, had first dance and food then party time, by end of day it was just under a hundred, but the intimate ceremony and first few hours of married life was so amazing image

    happy planning ladies

  • Hi

    I am getting married in July next year, we are having 11 guests (just immediate family) Neither of us want a big wedding, we jsut want the people who we love there. We are getting married in Owston Hall in Doncaster, on a Thursday to avoid the minimum numbers. The ceremony is at 4pm followed by photos and drinks, we are then having everyone on one squre table for a 3 course candle lit meal.

    We can afford a larger wedding, but neother of us want it so we are doing it our way, its our wedding day after all.

  • Georgia209Georgia209 Posts: 360
    I'm getting married in 6 weeks! Eeeek! We are having a small wedding with 25 guests at Wadhurst castle in Kent. They have a good package. I can't wait. We are having the ceremony at 3pm followed by pimms in the gardens and then afternoon tea. We're not having any evening stuff.
  • Hazel85Hazel85 Posts: 374
    Also having afternoon tea, and one of the major bonuses of having something small is that I have been able to get vintage china from car boots etc. so everyone can take their cup home as a memento of the day! We're having boxes of trivia on the table, a la Trivial Pursuits but without the board, just in case there is a conversation lull (!) and going to have music, with a dance area, but not a loud disco - just there if people want to have a dance!

    We're booked into a local pub that has a separate room for functions, that holds 60, but wouldn't look stragne with fewer:

    Could you look for somewhere like that, who does small functions e.g. birthdays a lot of the time?
  • MrsOlafMrsOlaf Posts: 50
    We got married three weeks ago at Doonbrae House, Alloway Ayrshire. We had twenty guests which included 2 children. We had a fantastic day at a beautiful house with amazing grounds. Doonbrae house is linked to Brigodoon hotel and is for hire for small parties. They also have a license for weddings so it was perfect.

    After dinner we listened to music on the cd player. We also used wedding trivia for a quiz later on. It was a great day. image
  • safesadiesafesadie Posts: 172
    our venue has special packages for 35 guests - really great bargains too
  • I get married on 2 October this year and we're having 16 guests (all adults). It isn't a big venue - The Cross House Lodge, part of the Star Inn - but it has one large round table and we can seat everyone round it. It isn't a budget wedding, but we want a intimate gorgeous wedding.
  • VyVy Posts: 2
    kittykatflash2 wrote (see post):
    Hey -

    We had one big oval table, it was fantastic! We could see everyone and was able to talk to everyone.

    We did the sky lanterns at 9.30pm and they took about 45mins then we went back in to our room and had tea, coffee and wedding cake, followed by everyone sitting outside in the courtyard of the hotel drinking... tis was fabulous.

    I'm doing my wedding report in newlyweds atm, 18th July wedding...


  • VyVy Posts: 2


    I was wondering where did you have your wedding? The place sounds so lovely!

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