Can anyone tell me roughly how much it costs to get a registrar for a civil ceremony please? image


  • Vickie1977Vickie1977 Posts: 95

    We paid £338.50 for the registrar. I asked how much to get married in the registry office and they told me £47.00!!

  • hev1980hev1980 Posts: 146
    It depends on where and when... its obviously cheaper in the week and at at registry office...

    as well as the registrar fee you will also have to pay £67 to give your notice of marriage too.

  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    It depends if you are getting married in a registry office or at a venue. Also depends on the area you live in. You need £33 each for giving notice, and £3.50 on the day for the certificate. My registry office charges £80 to get married there and £360 to get married at a venue.

    If you type in the area that you live, registrar and cost into google it should come up with your local site with the details on it. Eg, I live in Norfolk so I typed in Norfolk Registrar costs. xx
  • MrsVanderSteenMrsVanderSteen Posts: 8,204
    We're paying almost 400 pounds for the resgistrar but then he is coming to our venue image
  • we paying £410 at the venue, its only £80 at the registry office a mile up the road!!!!!
  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    We have paid £190 and thats at the Registry Office.
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