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  • Hi Karen

    we are having a church wedding at St josephs church Upminster then having reception in the monks barn, our date is 6th june 2009. so i have a couple of years yet! we did look at 2008 but the plough house was practically booked up, each weekend so we thought we might as well wait, have a date we want and longer to save too!!

    so far the venue and church are the only things we have booked. im trying to hold off on planning the details till nearer the time, although it is so hard to not think about dresses and colour themes!

    next thing we are looking into are wedding car and photography

    your colours sound lovely for a december wedding! especially in the cavalier suite, it will definatly look amazing with the style of the room!

    so are you all sorted with suppliers? is everything booked?
  • Hey Kat,

    I love hearing about people having their wedding at Plough House as most people don't seem to have booked it thereimage

    I have sorted nearly everything out, the wedding was meant to be Dec 2008 but we changed our minds about 5 weeks ago and brought the wedding forward. So I was worried I would not be able to get what I wanted and when and done everything already LOL

    So far I have booked, the venue, Photographer, Florist, Cake, Hair, Make Up, Dj, Somebody to Video, Favours, My wedding dress, and my BM's dresses.

    I still have to get the suite's for hire, rings, and gifts, shoes, tiara's...... I think that's it.

    The only thing I am having probs with is wedding Stationery, there nothing Peter and I can decide on? If you need any help or peoples numbers please let me know, I have really enjoyed planning our wedding image

    Karen xxximage
  • for stationary have you looked at Debenhams? they do some really nice ones.

    I have decided to make my invites and other bits, works out alot cheaper! so if you are creative you could try that?

    what photograper have you got? and what car/transport are you having?

    I read some of your other posts. I see your from Hornchurch, how long have u lived in the area?

    what are the companies you are using? are they all local?

    sorry for all the questions!!

  • Hey Kat,

    How you doin today?

    Ok I have found this site for Stationery they are a lot of money but I have got some samples from them and I have fallen in love with them. I really liked the Moonlight (much better in person than the picture) and Ice Rose.

    As for Photographer, well this is something I have gone way way way over budget for, we are using and it's costing us £1700 the reason for this is we are having him for 8 hours and we are getting all our pictures in the album so I think it's something like 200 pictures. I just loved his work he came around to my flat and he brought three albums of full weddings he had done and I loved it.

    The wedding and the evening party is all in one venue so we are lucky we don't need any cars or transport.

    I moved for East Ham where I lived with my mum and dad to Hornchurch about 4 months ago. Renting a flat very very close to the station so it;s great. I really like the area, though I don't have nay mates near by so have not gone to any of the pubs/bars around there( there are loads).

    so where do you live?

    My wedding dress I am getting from The Wedding Gallery they were so so so helpful and I am also getting my BM's dresses from them too.

    My flowers I am getting for a lady called Jenny Black She is really great and I was not sure when I first looked at her web site but I met her in person and looked at all her work and she is lovely.

    My hair and make up I have booked for hair her web site is good plus she was really nice on the phone and make up is

    I think you already know but my wedding venue is Ye Olde Plough House

    wow this is a log email image

    Karen xx

  • ooo i do like the moonlight invites!! very nice! definatly the style i would go for.

    I live in chafford hundred, right near lakeside shopping centre! lived here with boyfriend (now H2B!) for just over a year. we both lived with our parents in upminster before.

    I will be going to the wedding gallery to look for a dress nearer the time. i have heard of lots of women getting nice dresses from there. and i know a lady that used to work there.

    the amount u are spending photos is about what i have looked at, the company is Lavenham photos, £1700 for the whole day, with album of 50 pics, a DVD slideshow, and a framed large photo.

    did you go to any wedding fayes in the area?

    i am going to one at orsett hall in March.

    sohow long u and H2b been together? how long u been engaged?

  • Lucky you living so close to Lakeside!!! I would in there shopping all the time.

    No I have not been to any fayes as yet, I never knew Orsett Hall was having one, would you mind giving me the details like date and times please image

    Peter and I have been best friends for about 6 years now, we were really close about two years before getting together so we know each other inside out. We got together about a year and four months ago and Peter asked me to marry him on the 20th Sept image We have been living together since Oct last year and I am loving it!!!

    Some people think that's really fast but it already feels like we have been together for ages as we were so close as mates before.

    I was so worried I was the only one paying so much for our pictures, I think they are so important so you have to make sure you have the right ones for you.

    Yeah the girls in the Wedding Gallery were great they were so helpful and I loved trying on all the different dresses there.

    How's your day going so far?

    Karen xx

  • I think i will wait until this time next year to start booking things, for now i will go to the wedding fayes so i have a clear idea on what i want. MY H2B can be fussy, so i want him to like everything!

    The Orsett hall wedding Fayre is Sunday 25th March. 11am - 5pm, free admission.

    I have enabled my email on my profile so you can email me if you like, we seem to be making this thread very long!!

    also, ye olde plough house have a wedding fayre next month!
  • fluffstafluffsta Posts: 194
    We are getting married at the Reid Rooms, its an amazing venue and really offered everything we wanted. it has a sitting room area but we are gonna close that part off so our guests arent rattling around all over the place.

    has anyone else been to a wedding here?
  • Hi I am from Billericay in Essex and I am getting married on the 1st August 2007 at newland hall in Chelmsford i am a tiny bit stressed at the moment it just seems that there is still so much to do but I suppose I will get there eventually lol
  • Quoted:
    We got information on all the places in Essex, and so many of them were astronomical prices. In the end we went to view the ones we knew we could afford and that had a good feeling. Leez Priory is gorgeous, but its a very grand venue, and although I liked the idea of that, when we visited I felt intimidated, which isnt the right vibe! Crondon Park is massive, costs a fortune, but is very pretty. Stock Brook Manor is nice, but as I kinda worked there for a little while I didnt fancy getting married there. Finally decided on Maidens Barn, High Easter, because it was basically a blank canvas and we could do what we wanted, but without the hassel of a marquee! You are limited to using their suppliers, only thing they ask is that the caterers have either worked there before or pay a £500 refundable deposit. I have done so much research trying to sort this, is theres anything you need help with or need some recommendations I'll be happy to help!!

    Hi Bride2B - I have only just found this thread (under a search for Chelmsford!). Are you married yet ? I'm getting married in Maidens Barn in August next year and would love to compare notes on everything !

    Mrs S2B :\)
  • TrossiukTrossiuk Posts: 137
    Hi All,

    I married in February of this year at Gosfield Hall and I live in Tiptree, Colchester.

    Let me know if you want any feedback etc. on Gosfield or other Essex suppliers. All ours were pretty great.......

    Enjoy your planning!

  • louiseglasheenlouiseglasheen Posts: 1,643
    We got married on 9th June at St. Peters Church in Goldhanger, followed by our reception at Vaulty Manor (also Goldhanger) so if anyone is marrying around that area feel free to ask anything you need. We live in Colchester.
  • hi im from dagenham getting marrie dat langtons on sept 18th
  • Estrella_CEstrella_C Posts: 288
    hey Im from Colchester but getting married in Long Melford, Suffolk 2009 C x
  • hello i just found this thread - im getting married june 2008. Im a local southend/westcliff girl. Getting married in woodham ferrers church (may change it to Leigh-on-sea) followed by channels Barn in chelmsford. its worth looking at as it is practically the same as crondon park - but cheaper, it is also set on a beautiful golf course - we went to a wedding there a few weeks back and it was amazing!
  • EmlarEmlar Posts: 1,581

    im from basildon and we are getting married on sat 28th march 2009 at stockbrook manor! image) havent booked anything else yet. i have picked colour scheme i like (orange, gold, cream) and made the save the date cards (im creative! lol) going to book the photographer next and then look at invites... soooo exciting.
  • I am from southend and getting married inst marys church, we are having our sit down meal at westcliff hotel xx
  • Rachie1987Rachie1987 Posts: 101
    I have searched all over essex for the perfect venue and checked all reveiws on every place, i was going to book Crondon Park - but the hall is actually quite small where you eat - wher eyou get married is dingey and some parts of it look very run down - not as spectacular as the website shows! Plus is totally over priced for what it actually is.

    Leez Priory is gorgoeus from the website - however is VERY expensive and although it would be nice, i fell in lvoe with Parklands when i saw it - the staff were amazing and so helpful to us all and were just great. The price i think is very good too - and to me is just the perfect venue.

    I have booked there for 2009 and all the reviews state how helpful the staff are and how much they enjoyed the day.

    I would say book it! Its a lovely setting
  • mis smithy is your picture from arrow vintage? thats where my wedding cars are comming from - im having the pierce arrow limo and the vanden plas princess for my bridesmaids!
  • No - it's Essex Wedding Cars. Arrow didn't cover my area ... Was gutted - the cars are beautiful !!!
  • Hey essex b2b's!

    I am getting married aug 09 in church in galleywood, just outside chelms, and looking at venues now.

    Really like the look of Crondon Park and The Barn at Blake Hall- anyone any advice on these??

    any other tips/suggestions for suppliers in essex would be much appreciate- going to wedding fair in Brentwood on 8th sept so hopefully that will help!

  • Hi LouLouBelle. I haven't seen The Barn but I did look at Crondon Park and LOVED it !!!! But they didn't have availability for summer next year. image

    What wedding fayre are you going to - I thought I read somewhere that there was one in Brentwood but then couldn't find anything about it !!!!



    Flowers: Springfield Florists or


    Chair Covers:

    Caterers (if you need them):

    Wedding dress shop: The best one I have found is Belissima in South Woodham Ferrers but Divine and Birds Bridal in Chelmsford were also very good.

    Let me know if you need anything else ! LOL x

  • oh my god- thank u!! thats so much help! will have to print out that page to take away and study (as sneaking on this site at work!).

    Really like Crondon- hope we can get it!! what venue did you opt for?

    The Wedding Show is at Brentwood Centre on Spet 8th & 9th, and then select the show you want. Also going to Excel show- haha but thats not til Feb...

    thanks again for all you help- feel like such an amateur!

  • emmabaleemmabale Posts: 85
    Hi All! I'm getting married Dec 08 at Channels, is a lovely barn set on a gold course in Chelmsford, originally from Great wakering, but now live Rayleigh!

    Am going dress shopping tomorrow! Can't wait!

    Is great that so many local people come on this site!x
  • You're more than welcome. I'm getting married at a church in Springfield and then going to Maidens Barn in High Easter for the reception -

    Will check out that wedding show - was thinking of going to the national one at Earls Court but it's a lot of money and a long way to go - might just stick to the local ones !
  • yeah i think local ones may be better for actual companies to use- just thought the big one at excel may be good for ideas and inspiration! excel one didnt seem to expensive (£8 entry i think??) but anyway thanks again for help...will probe be back on here with same dilemma of venues even after seeing them all in person!!

  • Quoted:
    Hi All! I'm getting married Dec 08 at Channels, is a lovely barn set on a gold course in Chelmsford, originally from Great wakering, but now live Rayleigh!

    Am going dress shopping tomorrow! Can't wait!

    Is great that so many local people come on this site!x

    Ems - where are you going dress shopping ? I can highly recommend Belissima in South Woodham Ferrers. Divine and Birds Bridal in Chelmsford were both great too. image

    Mrs S2B
  • emmabaleemmabale Posts: 85
    Hi MrsS2B, i am going to pure bridal & precious moments in rayleigh, but will def check out Belissima! Are the prices reasonable?x
  • Yeah they were really good- I went to Matchmaker in Brentwood and I didn't see anything for under £1000 !!!

    I'm probably getting my dress from Belissima. They are really friendly and helpful, they actually listen to what you want which makes a refreshing change, they have lovely big spacious changing rooms/dressing area (which is in it's own area rather than having to parade around in the middle of the shop), and they book you really decent time slots. One place I went only booked 45 minute appointments for a Saturday ! I was in Belissima for a good hour and a half and they didn't rush me once - I reckon I could have been there longer if I wanted.

    Good luck and have fun !!!
  • emmabaleemmabale Posts: 85
    Thanks MrsS2B, i'll let you know how i get on!
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