11dayz till engagement party ;)

hi all

im very excited i have my engagement party on the 23rd oct and i cant wait i have family coming from quite far and didnt think they would come but have had replys saying they are coming and have booked accomadation!!! its made my day i have organised everything now and spent a fortune!! lol but its going to be amazing not many ppl know the date and venue of our big day so we will announce this at the party also introuduce family members who dont know each other so on our day everyone will know who everyone is. at the last wedding i went to i didnt know who anyone was i.e brides mother ect until the evening and had to ask the groom who was who!!! how embarrasing image neva mind i just hope all will go well and i will post a blog and lots of pics after so u can all have a look

has anyone else had a party and got any tips ect feel free to write and let us all know any pics to would be amazing image

i get married on the 13th oct!! 2011 1yr and 1 day to goooo!! oooo i wonder what i will be doing this time nxt yr???

rach xxx


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    6 days to go!!! and counting any one else having an engagement party or had a party already? any tips u can give feel free also any pics u would like to post would be gr8 xx
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    WE had our party up on the London Eye, hired a private capsule. Only tips I can give are: on the morning/day- dont plan ANYTHING! I was rushing around trying to cram other stuff in and ended up in tears and super stressed on the evening. The moment we were up there though I went with the flow and realised there was nothing more I could do! 2nd- we got a little engagement book for our guests to write messages in, married couples giving their tips and non marrieds just sweet words- glad we did that.

    3- get hold of the best camera you can and give it to someone on the night to act as photographer, snap away reportage style and get them to have a look atsome great photgraphers blogs/websites as inspiration.

    4- be prepared to feel down afterwards. Id looked forward to and planned a lot for our party as its a year before our wedding, and the few days after felt very down it had already gone and happened. But that was good and made me more realistic about how Id feel post-wedding and also the fact that the wedding is only 1 day, and will be over in a flash too!!

    Most of all: enjoy and take moments with your man to kiss, hold hands and share the moments together.
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    awww thanks you hun great tips thanks

  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231
    hi all ive got a problem!!

    my party tomoz! and i cant find a dress to wear! the one i set my heart on in the shop hasnt got my size and no other shops to get it from he can get it in for monday!!! (ermmmm bit late by thenlol) so im stressing!!!! everyone i know has goneout brought lovely dresses and im, now thinking im going to end up wearing sumthing i already have worn like 5000!!! times b4!

    im getting far to stressed ove this party and thinking now i wished i hadnt organised one!!!! image
  • How long in advance did you all plan your engagent parties?x
  • ive got my engagement party friday image i hope that ur party went really well and all went to plan!

    we got engaged on 29th september and booked a hall 3 days later lol image so we arranged it pretty quick xx
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    hope ur party went well hun, ours went down reslly well and i found a fantastic dress few hrs b4 lol!! ive had planned our party for 8weeks in total its was fab!! i do have pics on another thread feel free to take a peek image xx
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