Essex Dress Shops

I'm looking to book some dress appointments and would love your recommendations. I would like somewhere friendly with good service, private changing rooms and a good range of designers.

I don't want to go too far from Havering so maybe Essex, Kent or parts of London like Bromley.

I'm so excited as I've already booked an appointment with the Pronovias store in New Bond St. I can't wait to pick my favourites from their collection to try on. image


  • Hey Jane!

    I live in Havering too! image Hornchurch/Elm Park area!

    I would suggest Matchmaker Bridal in Brentwood, I used to work (5 years ago! where has the time gone!!) so maybe I'm a little biased!

    It does actually have a great reputation in the area though, they stock lots of different designers including Pronovias, and the staff and ordering procedure I know are top class.

    Hope this has helped, and have a lovely time up in Bond Street!

    Lizzie xxx

  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    Hi! Im in Romford!

    I went to matchmaker on Sat- have to say, I wasnt bowled over by it- yes they have lots of dresses but the lady who "saw" me wasnt very helpful and didnt pick any dresses that suited me- she also didnt really do the dress up (ie pin it properly) so I didnt see the full effect really- One of the ladies also made a rude comment about the amount of dresses I had tried on!

    However, it was a sat, and it was very busy... maybe if you go on a less busy time they might be different, and there is a very wide range of dresses. But dont make it your first port of call, maybe go once you know what style suits you.

    My first port of call was the Bespoke Wardrobe in Danbury- I cant praise this place enough, the dress selection isnt as big, but the ladies know their stuff, they talk you through what would suit and give suggestions. The dresses looked and felt wonderful on.

    Im going to one in Colchester next Sat- Ive hear this is good (the wedding shop i think its called) It has a wide variety of dresses apparently.

    Good luck!

  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    Thank you. I'll definitely look into those. image

    Let me know if you find anymore good shops that you would be happy to recommend.
  • Hey I'm an Essex bride too! Chigwell t b exact!

    I went to a few dress shops.. Confetti n lace in lakeside not very welcoming to say the least!

    I also went to matchmaker sorry but I also wasn't bowled over by the service! I'm a size 18 and happy being this size when I was trying on dresses I was asked how long did I think it would take to shift the weight! They did NOT get my custom lol!

    After feelin a little worried that all shops would be like this I discovered the wonderful NEW BEGININGS in Brentwood! The lady in the shop told me to choose some dresses that I liked she also picked a few. Well the dress she saved till last out of the 3 she picked was THE ONE! I couldn't recomend them more! X image
  • I went to a few shops:

    Precious Moments, Rayleigh - not bad but being on an industrial estate it didn't feel as special if that makes sense??

    Diane Silverosa, Rayleigh - Busy, crowded and 100s of dresses rammed in! Not bad but not for me.

    Fiori Bridalwear, Southend - Hard to get any shop assistant attention so we had a brief mooch and left.

    Birds Bridal, Chelmsford - Absoltuely awful - thirty seconds of my life wasted - avoid at all costs.

    Hilary B, Colchester - very good. Lovely girls, nice shop, gorgeous dresses.

    The Wedding Shop, Colchester - absolutely awesome - Christine is my new best friend. I found the one here!!!! image

    Special Occasions, Standford le Hope - nice enough people, shop a little shabby and wasnt keen with being left to it but it was ok-ish.

    House of Couture, Hornchurch - not amazing but ok. None of dresses were my personal taste but as some are their own brand they're willing to customise for you which is cool.

    Matchmaker, Brentwood - lovely shop and lovely dresses but felt (perhaps unjustly) they are a bit sizist.

    New Beginnings, Brentwood - fine....just fine really.

  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    PinkstaPrincess- the Wedding shop in Colchester is also home to my "one" !!!!!! they are amazing in there, I cant praise them enough. Highly recommended. And contary to Pink, I had a lovely experience in Birds Bridal Chelmsford they were very nice, but I wasnt bowled over by their Brides selections- however loads of BM dresses in there.
  • Hiya,

    I'm in Upminster. I went to Laura Louise in Upminster. Not a huge selection of dresses but they were really lovely and super helpful with suggestions etc. I actually ended up buying my bridesmaid dress in there.

    I went to Confetti & Lace in Lakeside twice and was made to feel like a princess. I know it has some bad reviews but i felt wonderful!

    House of Couture in Hornchurch is as huge no for me. I'm a size 12 and they made me feel like i was the fattest person they had ever seen. The lady helping me into the dress actually told me i have huge hips and needed a dress that would put me into proportion better. That said, i believe its now run by someone else.

    I went to New Beginnings in brentwood on a Sunday. Nobody told me when i booked the appointment that it was sale day. i waited 45minutes past my appointment time and then left in the end!

    My advice would be to bring a friend/relative who isn't afraid to speak up. I went to Brenda Lorraine in Elm Park and didn't see a single dress i liked. The lady made me feel as though i'd wasted their time a bit but my friend soon put her straight!

    Good luck! x
  • I would highly recommend Laura Louise in Upminster for customer service you can't beat them, everyone I know who's been there (including myself) has been treated like a princess x
  • Hi I'm in Havering too!

    I bought my dress from New Beginnings in Brentwood - very helpful and reasonably priced. I think every Sunday is a sample sale day there?? Same as Fairyrock, the lady picked some dresses for me as well as the ones I picked for myself - the one I bought was completely different to what I would have gone for had the lady not picked it for me but I felt so emotional when I put it on that I knew it must be right. The only thing is the changing rooms aren't private, but this doesn't bother me too much so I still enjoyed the experience image
  • Hi Aileen, I grew up in Upminster and regard it as my true home even though I'm living in South East London at the moment. image

    I only know one wedding dress shop in Upminster and that's the one opposite the BP garage, is that it or is there another in St Mary's Lane? It's minutes from my parent's which is very convenient. image

    My sister got her dress and bridesmaid dresses from House of Couture in Hornchurch and although they were nice when buying the dress, I wasn't impressed with the service during the fittings. She also got the men's outfits from there and they were shockingly bad. This was five years ago though.

    I'm going to make some bookings tomorrow. Exciting!
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