Newly engaged, York - where do I start?!?!?


I've recently got engaged and live in York, was wondering if anyone had any ideas or recommendations about venues etc.. I really want to plan something, but I don't know where to start! My H2B and I spend a couple of hours a day randomly googling honeymoons, venues, stationary and dresses (that's mainly me ;P !!) find nothing, then start all over the next day!

Any help would be fab



  • Firstly congratulations!

    I'm not from York so cannot help with venues or anything but would suggest you first sit down to decide on a budget with your h2b and families if necessary. Then discuss with your h2b what expectations you have of a wedding (religious/civil, time of year, day of the week, small/large etc).

    If you have a particular date you want, I would then start looking at venues which match your requirements.

    You will find lots of inspiration for different themes and weddings here. Enjoy your planning!
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    Hi, Congratulations !!

    I don't live in or know the York area for venues, etc, but i do agree with the above post - the best way to make a start is to sit down with h2b, a pen & some paper.

    Decide on what type of service you want (civil or church), what sort of venue you would like (this may be helped along by making a rough guest list so that you have an idea for numbers, as that may dictate as to where you go - as far as you don't want a huge venue if you're a small party, but then you don't want to fall in love with a venue to then find that it can only hold/accommodate half your guests), what day of the week would you like?, a big one is the budget (as this will give you an idea of what to look out for, but do remember that your budget does need to cover everything and not just venue hire, food & drink image ).

    The idea is to get your venue & ceremony arranged and booked for the same day. I'm not aware of how to book a church wedding as i haven't married/am not getting married in a church, but if you are after a registry office wedding or civil ceremony, you will need to contact your local register office. (you will be able to find their details online).

    Luckily, the internet is great for being able to find all sorts of information, but it can be a bit much sometimes too.

    A good idea would be to go to some wedding fayres, you'll be able to pick up loads of useful information image

    Once you've got your ceremony & venue booked, then the main things are photographer, car, dress/suits, rings and so on, but all that will depend on your budget, etc.

    Hope that helps, have fun image

    Also - when we were looking at venues, etc, to begin with, we looked at reviews online (ie, tripadvisor, etc). The only other idea about ideas for that area is to ask people you know if they know anyone who has got married recently as they'd probably be able to give you quite a bit of useful information about local suppliers, venues, etc.
  • Thank you both, I'll collar the h2b after he's finished on the PS3!!

    There's so much info on the net, I'm just writing stuff down and saving links, hoping I'll be able to find them later! Went to a wedding fayre today, phoned ahead and they said "yes, its still on" (quite a lot of snow here), turned up 5 minutes later and there was one florist who said it had been cancelled!! Bit annoying! But the florist was really helpful and showed us what we could do on a budget.
  • Hi Hun... im from near York and even though Ive decided not to get married in this country ive found visiting all the hotels really helpful, when they have the wedding fayres on.. Sandburn Hall near Flaxton just out of York is a beautiful venue, your lucky there is loads in the York area..You just need to decide on a budget and what you and h2b are looking for xx
  • I'm a bit further up that York but we looked there quite a lot before deciding on a venue nearer home.

    it all depends what you want, hotel, country manor etc. we looked at newby hall, crab and lobster, the deanery, Ripley castle. there are loads of places to llok but you need to have an idea of numbers first as that will rule in or out quite a few venues.
  • hi Amy-Lou

    We're getting married at York Maze in May, and I have a booklet from the Registrars that has loads of listings for venues, receptions, photographers etc etc.

    Am happy to post it over to you if you want, just send me your details (you can find the Send Message function just above my avatar)

    Zoe x
  • zoe which photographer are you using ? we are getting married in july and around the area.

  • hi TessyTossy

    We're using a student photographer from Hull - mainly because we're having a bit of a quirky wedding and wanted something outside of the norm. We did look at Rebecca Honeywell and Ashley Nesbitt though.

  • We looked at The Churchill and and also The Grange in York as we loved staying there but we are still unsure of our venue, we got engaged on the 20th nov and I am obsessed with finding the right venue.

    We are still going to look at The Old Deanary in Ripon, and one in County.Durham called South Causey Inn that a friends brother recommended after their wedding there. Oh and The Black Swan in Helmsley.

    A bit all over really but our wedding is going to be mainly family so we know they won't mind travelling a little. We want somewhere that has a hotel with it so our guests and us don't have to travel after the wedding to get to bed! And one that caters for small numbers without charging a fortune for the privilage!

    Good luck with your search though, hope you find somewhere you love!
  • Hi - I got married in York just over a year ago (first wedding anniversary last Sunday) and we had the whole shebang at The Grange Hotel - ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception. The registrars at York are fabulous - we had a Morecambe & Wise theme to our wedding and they played along and made suggestions too. I'd recommend The Grange if you're looking for a nice intimate wedding in the winter months, as it's lacking a garden for summer weddings. There were a few slight niggles on the day but I organise events as part of my job, so I think I was maybe (?!) a bit more demanding as to what I wanted and did so many things myself.

    Everyone had a ball though and have some wonderful memories, a lot of which was due to our amazing photographyer, Stewart Randall (based near Barnsley) who I can't recommend highly enough.

    I'm starting a small business in wedding favours so let me know if you'd be interested in those and I can email you a couple of images.

    Most of all, good luck and have fun putting together your day.

  • Wow, this is amazing thank you all so much. I've started emailing venues, and making lists of places to visit, we're thinking of spring 2012 to give us a while to save up, but I'm sure that'll come round in no time!

    Lizzie, the Grange was one of the venues I like most so far, so i'd be interested to know what your niggles were if you don't mind? And I'll keep you in mind for the favours when I eventually get sorted image

    Thanks again
  • There is a lovely dress shop in York near the Minster opposite the cafe called "El Piano" we went for a girly day trip there and did alot of window shopping!. I also live around the corner from the South Causey Inn and am going there for NYE !

    The food there is very good. Its not huge and is in a bit of a random place. However it has horses and fishing lakes what more could you want!
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    I know of an amzing wedding photographer from York. She did the photos at my friends wedding. Very pricey, but worth it if you can.
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    we stayed at griffon park forest holiday lodges in the summer and attached was a golf club Sandburn hall, it was amazing !!
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