wedding insurance??!!

i havent got a clue?!

any suggestions or tips?

kim x


  • I just googled it and came up with some companies... Cant remember who we went with (as luckily we havent had to use it yet!!) but it was only £30/40 in total, for way more than enough cover than we needed! Worth it in my opinion.
  • We used Debenhams - never had to use the insurance but they gave us the best price
  • We've got insurance with Debenhams. Think it was about £60/£70 which seemed to be on the more expensive end but it was coz we're having a marquee. I think considering how much will get spent on the wedding a few quid on insurance is worth it.
  • We went with Debenhams, good cover for a good price.

    For £50 we covered our day in case we were ill etc and it needed rearranging, peace of mind.

    I know ladies on here have used it when venue burnt down, during Cumbrian floods and such like.
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