Getting married in Sussex but TOO much choice!

I'm from Brighton & want to get married 'somewhere'in Sussex. Mr B proposed in June & we are aiming to get hitched June 2011. I've been doing the 'normal' newly engaged thing by buying every magazine known to (wo)man & now I'm getting myself all confused as to what I actually want.

Are there any brides to be or newly weds out there that can give me any advice. We definately want the following:

*A Wedding in Sussex

*An outside space

*A marquee which is all decorated inside

*A vintage tea party type theme as I have fallen in love with a vintage style dress image PLUS I've been collecting a few mis-matched vintage tea cup sets which I think would look gorgeous!

If anyone can think of any venues or fields & recommend marquee companies that do the decorating inside that would be great. I know there are a few companies about but I just want to get a recommendation.

Thank you in advance image xxx


  • Congratulations on your engagement!

    I'm a wedding planner specialising in the Sussex area. Have you heard of the Walled Garden at Cowdray? (stunning gardens overlooking Cowdray ruins - you can have a marquee on the lawns and it's very English country vintage)

    A couple of good marquee companies are Trumps Marquees and Sussex Party Marquees.

    Hope that helps!

    Nicola Jones

    Brighton Wedding Planner
  • We went to see the Walled Garden, they are only able to use the marquee a few times a year and it worked out much more than we were hoping to spend!!

    Have you tried the English Wine Centre in Alfriston? We were surprised by how nice it was and fits your brief. We've gone for Bartholomew Barn in Petworthm, have a look if you haven't already!! good luck!!
  • Hi, have you tried Stanmer House? They have a marquee attached to the main house and beautiful grounds as it is set in Stanmer Park. We are having an evening reception there after our wedding abroad in 2011.
  • rach270rach270 Posts: 231

    i dont know the area very well or places rnd there, but just like to say my mum got married 5yrs ago at shoreham airport, it was amazing prob not the sort of place u have in mind but thorght id share with u xx
  • Hi,

    I live in Brighton and there's two places I can recommend.

    Stanmer House (I actually live the other side of it through the woods) and Pangdean Barn at Pyecombe.

    Seriously smart places both with large open spaces.

    I'm not sure if you were looking at a venue licensed for weddings as well? But honestly, Pangdean Barn was just ace for photography.

    'Cat and Jamie' is the gallery name for Pangdean Barn on my site. I can't post a link but a google search will show it.

    They got married at Brighton Town Hall, then off to the seafront for the Carousel, more photos then Pangdean barn. Some of the guests camped out in the field at the back too. image
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    Instead of the Walled Garden at Cowdray, why not the ruins next door? (MUCH cheaper) You can use any suppliers you like and have marquees where you like and they floodlight the ruins at night which looks stunning!

    I know that they are currently applying for a civil wedding licence as I'm hoping to have my wedding there! They sent us a christmas card with a picture of the ruins covered in snow. Stunning!
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