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He just proposed..... OMG

Im so excited, literally can't stop smiling image



  • Congratulations! Get ready for all the exciting times ahead x
  • Thank you. It's just knowing where to start. x
  • It can seem a little daunting...

    I think you need to decide what type of ceremony you would like first, whether a civil or church?

    Then set your budget and start looking for Venues first as these can be booked up to 2 years in advance.

    With your venue remember to take into consideration roughly how many guests you will be having in the day and evening and make sure that your venue can cater for this, there is no point in falling in love with a venue that only holds say 80 for the wedding breakfast if you have a huge family as its quite difficult to whittle this figure down! But saying that a venue plays a huge part in your wedding as this is your setting for the whole day, so take your time and dont rush into picking one, make sure your have found your dream one this is prob apart from your dress one of the biggest deposits you will put down and if you make a wrong decision you will find it very difficult to get your deposit back - if at all!

    I would then say start looking at your major suppliers in order of importance and for me it was securing a good photographer,videographer and florist as these suppliers can also be booked up well in advance.

    I would say that a good spreadsheet to keep control of your budget is also a must this has helped up stay in control (as difficult as it is- I keep seeing things that I wanted and my budget keeped increasing lol). Oh and make lots of list x
  • MRCJMRCJ Posts: 225
    I completely disagree!

    I took three months off after we got engaged to just enjoy being engaged. It was the best thing I did. We got to talk about it slowly without making any decisions. Then again we aren't in any rush. If you want to get married in four months then rush ahead!

    My cousin got married in three months and found a venue, dress and amazing world renound photographer with no problems (and in September which is one of the popular months!).

    My advice is don't rush into anything and just ENJOY being engaged. Even if you're planning on getting married in 2011 take a few weeks off!
  • Congratulations!! I'd say just enjoy the moment for a few days... drink champagne and smile lots which I'm sure yiou will!! xxx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Huge Congratulations! Enjoy every moment of being engaged and planning your big day, it will go so fast. Everyone said that to me and I honestly didn't believe them but its going so fast. x
  • Congratulations!!

    Personally I couldn't stop myself from getting started straight away. I requested a few brochures and just got an idea of prices to begin with.
  • Congratulations.

    I'd love to read of how it all happened.

    I'm sure you'll absolutely love it here image
  • Congratulations!!

    go at your own pace with planning but I would say to get your venue booked ASAP - we had major problems getting a venue 17 months in advance.

    in fact, I have got pretty much everything planned for ours, just need to buy/hire it and I've still got 9 mths to go - I'm finding it all very easy and not stressful at all!

    good luck and have fun!
  • Of course you need to enjoy being engaged but in regards to MRCJ's comment. It really does depend on what you want.

    Im sure that there are lots of weddings planned in short spaces of time but you do have to take into consideration that lots of popular wedding venues do get booked up very quickly.

    My friend started planning her wedding in 2008 to get married in summer 2010 and her venue had very limited availabiliy as it was so popular and this can be the case with many venues.
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    I agree, relax and enjoy it but I would start looking at the venue after xmas. I got engaged this time last year too (13.12.09) and I did find a handful of lovely venues for this year (2010) but I did find that ones I prefered were all booked up until 2011 so I was glad I got started asap as I know if I had left it much longer they would have been booked up for too (did not help that we wanted a summer saturday and would not compromise image )

    You do not have to book anything straight away but it is good to get an idea of what you and H2B want.

    Edited to say Congratulations! (almost forgot my mannersimage )

    I did find that I got all over excited and started booking everything - I am happy in part doing that as some of my suppliers were in demand and may not have been available for much longer however I think I should have held back a bit to assess the situation more!
  • Thank you so much for all of your congratulations and advice. I have been laid up in bed for the past 2 days poorly so no chance of champers just yet.

    I think we are going to plan for 2011 if we can get everything arranged for then. I will try and stay calm and make sure I don't go rushing into things. Although it is hard not too isn't it.

    The main thing for me would be a photographer but I suppose that means finding the venue to book the photographer. We would be looking at a civil ceremony, does anyone know if you can get married outdoors? Ideal location would be Sussex.

    Thanks again xx
  • Congrats hun! I got stuck in straight away! hehe x
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    Congratulations hun

    Steph xx
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