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Hi Ladies,

Please can you help, I'm struggling with the timing of everything.

The ceremony & reception are being held in the same place.

3.30 - 4.00 the ceremony

4.00 - 6.00 photos, canapes, drinks, entertainment

6.00 - Soup & speeches

6.30 - Starters

7.00 - Main buffet dinner, maybe followed by cutting cake, bouquet throwing (if i really have to do that)

8.00 onwards - Get dancing

9.30 - maybe serve desert, I know I'll be hungry again by then

10.00 - more dancing & drinking

What do you think? Should we rather get desert out of the way at the same time as the meal?

When's the best cake cutting time?

Thanks ladies image


  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    The only bit I'd probably allow more time on is the soup and speeches. Getting everyone seated and served, and to do the speeches might take a little more than half hour. I'd probably allow 3/4 hr - 1hour for that! So push all the times back by 15-30mins and I reckon that'd be perfect!!!
  • Do you have extra evening guests? If so, then I think you should have dessert with the rest of the meal.

    I didn't have extra evening guests and cut the cake straight after our meal, it was then served with coffee and again later on the evening buffet. At my SIL's wedding, they had extra guests and cut the cake once they had arrived but before the first dance.
  • Id def, do the desert straight after the bufet, the reason for this is it takes people a whilst to get onto the dance floor - think of all the parties you been too! what you dont want is to get people warmed up on the dance floor only for them to come off to eat then spend another half hour to get the dancing in full swing again.

    Personally I would do everything to do with the food together - its easier keeping people in one place at one time than keep running around trying to get people to re-group.

    Then the dancing can warm up naturally and just keep going.

    Not sure what other peeps think though.

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