Anyone used this Photographer?

I'm interested in using this photographer I'm also based in Cambridgeshire so If anyone who lives in the area who has used them before please can you tell me if they are any good?? They have quoted me £450 for the day plus large Canvas Print is this a good price??


  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    There aren't many weddings in the portfolio online? Maybe 2 or 3? There are some club photosand some personal shots.

    Hate to be harsh but everything I can see looks like something almost anyone with a camera and a copy of photoshop could achieve. And this does seems to be reflected in the price which for me is on the light side for a full day's wedding photography.

    Everyone on here who's photographs I thought were good, seems to have paid from £1000 upwards. As a graphic designer I've been shocked at the quality and composition of some people's professional shots.

    Personally I'd recommend a meeting to view the portfolio and get references if possible. I'd definitely make a shortlist before deciding without meeting anyone.

    EDIT: further to my original post when I was trying to be delicate

    a) yes the photos look crap and

    b) why are you spamming the whole YAYW site with this?
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