Any Cheshire brides out there???

Hi ladies

just wondering if there are any others arranging their wedding in the cheshire area? Im just getting started, wedding date is 24th March 2012 - do I have any date twins?

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  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Kind of cheshire (post code is anyway!) from the Wirral but it's looking like we will marry in Liverpool. Date not yet decided going to book next week but hoping for may 2012. Where are you having your wedding?x
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188

    my OH family is from the wirral.. We are having it at the Hallmark Hotel Wilmslow..

    where are you thinking of? xx
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Going to see hope st hotel in Lpool next week - going for city centre boutique feeling to it but theres not many places that do that kind of thing it seems! cheshire is full of gorgeous country hotels and manors etc its just not us. Hows your planning coming along?x
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    the Hallmark is a small boutique-y style hotel.. we are looking at 50 ish guests day and 100-120 eve.. we dont have big families and dont fancy the idea of just inviting people for the sake of it, so i think wer keeping it quite low key..

    planning is coming along quite well really. i have tried to divide it up into sections 1) boring and to be dealt with quickly 2) fun and can spend loads of time deliberating and choosing..

    so far:

    1) venue, registrar, photographer all done

    2) ring, cake, honeymoon all done

    starting the dress shopping in 2 weeks..

    hows your planning going so far? xx
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Yours sounds just like ours - 50ish in the day and then evening max 120 as like you we don't want to have too many - it becomes a bit silly i think and I like the idea of intimate and romantic image

    So far I've done a lot of planning but not a lot of booking! We have appointments all weekend off to see 3 venues, got an appointment to try on some dresses and 2 wedding fayres so a fun weekend ahead!!! Where are you heading for honeymoon?xxx
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    have you seen any venues this weekend?

    we got engaged in mexico and it was by far our favourite holiday ever, so seemed like the obvious choice.. we absolutely love cancun.. and i just cant recommend it enouogh!

    iv been having doubts this weekend tho that its all getting a bit too big.. maybe im just getting a bit nervous that people wont turn up and il have spent so much money, time, effort and emotion into the day.. so hopefully im just having a bit of a wobble.. =/ xx
  • We have a Cheshire postcode (live just over the border in Wales though)!! and we're getting married in Chester in August image

    Dress shopping is so much fun....though I found my dress in the first shop I went to...opps! imageops:
  • MrsPLtobe Did you try the Racquet Club in Liverpool City Centre? My friend got married there and it was lovely.
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Candj - no it's next weekend we are going to have a look at venues - wish it was this weekend i'm dying to see them and get a proper idea of prices etc!!! Ahh that's natural to feel like that and i'm sure it is just a wobble - i've never had a party in my life so i think it will be a bit nerve wracking wondering if everyone will turn up but remember it's all about you and H2B - no one else so just do what feels right. I think your numbers are nice not too much but enough for a party but you've plenty of time to change your mind!

    Sophia 116 - I've been in the Racquet club a few times and might have a look if my 3 possibilities don't come through - what are prices like do you know?xxx
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    we had about 80-85 to our engagement party and that was a nice number.. which is why we want to keep it down..

    i love going to chester for short weekend breaks and just love the grosvenor.. xx
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    I am a Cheshire Bride, getting married at Arley Hall and Gardens in July
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    Hi sarah, is that this july or next? I love arley hall.. what a lovely venue!

  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    I'm a Cheshire bride!!

    Were getting married in knutsford- reception at the belle Epoque... It's an intimate venue so were only having 45-50 in the day and 100 max at night

    Roll on December!! X
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    OH i love love love belle epoque!! have you had a look on the newlyweds forum, there is a wedding report from a belle eopque bride.. and in december too.. that will be so romantic xx
  • Hi I live over the welsh boarder as well! Im getting married at crogen hall in corwen in alril this year!

    Flying spaghetti monster where abouts do you live? I live in ewloe!
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Oooh yeah I love the belle epoque i'll have to hunt through reports to find that - keep being drawn to their website - what are costs like for your wedding their if you don't mind me asking?(i do wish it wasn't all about the money!!)xxx
  • poshpollyposhpolly Posts: 649
    I am a cheshire bride also...getting married at Peckforton Castle in 5 weeks!!!!!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    MrsPLtobe - click the downloads on the website, all prices are on there.... It's pretty reasonable... What j like is they dont have minimum numbers, I want to invite who I want not be forced to select 70+ people! They have a minimum spend instead and that depends on what day you marry.

    It has fantastic reviews x

    Candj- I haven't seen it but I will look now....I'm so excited!!!
  • MrsMJH2bMrsMJH2b Posts: 118
    I'm a cheshire bride too! 26th August this year at Carden Park, eek image
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    Hi Candj - this just, just under 6 months to go image
  • Small world sarahbabeous image I live just down the road in Sealand, by the old RAF base image Getting married in Mollington Banastre in Chester in August image
  • Hi!

    I'm a kind of cheshire bride....reception is being held in the Village Hotel in Warrington!Looks like a castle from the outside but very modern inside i love it! Roll on June 2012!

  • AnnaBrideAnnaBride Posts: 640
    I'm a Cheshire bride!

    I'm getting married at Nunsmere Hall in May x
  • Still deciding on venue!!!!Live on the wirral but come from Liverpool originally.Busy weekend, went to Gordale Wedding Fayre in Burton, got loads of ideas..........Goin back today to book the florist there,they really impressed me!!!! image
  • we are going statham lodge in lymm. i love arley hall jus a bit pricey for us image xx
  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    I'm a Cheshire bride too!

    We're getting married at Mottram Hall in July

    P.s - Hi Anna!! How are you?? x
  • kkc13kkc13 Posts: 28
    I'm a Cheshire bride. Getting married at Haslington Hall in August 2012. Seems like forever away but am sure it will come round very quickly!!!
  • Im a cheshire bride.

    We're getting married at st pauls church in hooton then having the reception in the holiday inn in ellesmere port.
  • tiger_liltiger_lil Posts: 96
    Hello! I am a Cheshire bride too! Getting married in Church, but my reception is at Tatton Park... Not long to go now!
  • lizandlewlizandlew Posts: 13
    hi, we get married at Crewe Hall in May 2011. x
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