Sussex/Kent Venue Help Please!


We are hoping to get married in April/May 2012 in Sussex/Kent, where i'm from (hastings), but live in Manchester so dont have many opportunities so go and look at venues. I already loved the idea of a farm/barn wedding with lots of green space but everywhere I like seems too expensive such as Brick House Farm which is my favourite. Does anyone have any idea's for similar venues/vibes with a cheaper venue hire? I'm starting to look at country pubs or village halls but it can end up being just as costly if you have to do everything yourself.

We'll probably have about 80-100 guests and would like a laid back venue, hog roast and barn dance.

Any idea's welcome!! thanks so much xx


  • Have you looked at Cooling Castle Barn - I have done a wedding there and its really beautiful - Maybe order "your kent wedding" magazine online and that will give you loads of ideas and local knowledge

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  • Hi,

    I too am getting married in April 2012 in Kent. Have you had a look at Preston Court or Winters Barns? Both barns in Canterbury, Kent. Cooling Castle is lovely but gets booked up years in advance and is quite expensive.

    Hope that helps.

    Louise xx
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    Try looking at a Kentish Wedding - KCC's magazine with all registered venues in it. image
  • I researched about 70 venues in Kent before booking mine, there are some real gems but it really does depend on your budget and if you want to get marries during the week or wekend.

    I got brochures for all and narrowed it down to about 14 to go visit, some were rubbish when seeing them for real and some were amazing. I rated quite a few after seeing them, so if you have an idea of budget, i could probably tell you a few. I was looking at weddings for a Thursday though so lower price.

    (Yes, i am like Monica from friends haha)
  • I agree with girls above, about purchasing the Kent and Sussex wedding magazines and having a look, then send off for details from them!

    Most Barn type venues are Canterbury, Ashford way! Cooling castle is stunning, it will depend on your budget xx
  • Pangdean barn and Grittenham Barn (Sussex)- Pangdean being the best.

    There is also Cooling Castle barn (Kent) which I'm at this year but it seems very popular...almost too popular.
  • Have you looked at leeford place. Battle. Been to 2 beautiful weddings there. X
  • My mum got married in Cooling Barn, its a lovely place to get married but does get booked up pretty quickly unless your looking at 'cancelled' dates as they are on their website. I think its around 9000 for a summer, weekend wedding for 80 day guests and then an extra 70 for evening. Does get a little cheaper for winter season, weekday wedding x
  • hi! please please please take a look at the

    its beautiful xxx
  • Try googling Tudor Barn Eltham, my sister is getting married there in September, gorgeous grounds and perfect for barn dance xxx
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