South Coast Wedding Venues - HELP!!

Hi girlies!

Hope the planning is coming along well!

I'm stuck! Just looking at venues for our September wedding & there are so many, all at different prices & locations on the South Coast.

A couple that we have seen are the Harbour Heights Hotel in Sandbanks & the Christchurch Harbour Hotel in Christchurch. Has anyone been to these? Or even better had their wedding there?

Any other suggestions would be greatfully received! Our only brief was that we wanted something near the beach as we were due to get married in Mexico... But that's another story!

Thank you to anyone who might be able to help! image


  • Have you looked at Highcliffe Castle?

    The grounds are lovely, and its right near the beach - it has a little path down to the beach?

  • Sooooo envious image Probably not much help but, I love the Dorset coast (especially Sandanks). If I'd have lived in the south The Harbour Heights would have been my choice too.

    Highcliffe Castle would also be on my list.

    Saw a fantastic all inclusive price deal advertised last year in Bournemouth. Not sure of the name of the Hotel but it's the big gorgeous one right next do to the sea front car park. (The car park right next to the KFC and old Imax building, near Harry Ramsden. (Not much help am I image )

    To make up for not getting married by the sea I'm naming all my tables after the Dorset beaches where me and my family have spent many happy times i.e Sandbanks, Swanage, Studland.

    OOO Studland would be a lovely place to marry. Do they do weddings at The Knowle Hotel? Fantastic scenery there. A bit pricey though I expect

    Let us know what you opted for, and good luck image
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    Thanks Brideybear, I have looked at Highcliffe Castle & it does look lovely, but I think it maybe a bit too rich for us compared to some of the packages that the hotels are offering image

    Thank you too dumplingmix, I know what you mean, I love the coast too & always had a soft spot for Bournemouth & Poole!

    I do love the Harbour Heights Hotel, but unfortunately my Dad isn't in agreeance! So I'm considering others!

    I think the one that you're talking about is The Royal Bath Hotel?! I'll have a look at that one!

    Great idea for naming your tables & a real personal touch, I like it! You can pick up lots of little beachy nik-nacs too!

    I have just done a search for the Knowle Hotel too (I'd never heard of it) it does look lovely though... Sadly, it doesn't look like they do weddings though image

    Thanks for all your help girls! image
  • Hia

    I would not recommend the Royal Bath Hotel, have had many business events there and they really are not as nice as they seem. We also investigated the Highcliffe Castle - they very much run it as a cattle auction - one bridal party out the next one in and you dont really get much time to enjoy the surroundings, they also say tough if members of the public start walking between you and the castle if your having your photos done - even saw some parents actively allowing their son to kick a dirty football around on the grass outside (out of bloodymindedness I think - as if to say stuf you - this is a public place and we can be here if we want) whilst the photos were being taken!

    We are getting married at the Moorhill House Hotel in Burley just down the road from Christchurch (I live in the Bmth/Poole area) the Moorhill is down a country track surrounded by mature trees, a beautiful garden, the bedrooms have been re-decorated last year, it has a very small s.poole indoors and saunas. Alex is wonderful - she used to be a function and wedding co-ordinator at another hotel but is now the manager of the Moorhill. Absolutly nothing is too much trouble for her.

    The Moorhill is very much like a family run hotel - very cumfy,warm and welcoming. The evening reception has its own purpose bar, dance area and looks out onto the gardens.

    If its not too far to go why not check it out - they are really reasonable too. (I think).

  • I must say, I agree with MrsCarter about Highcliffe (even though I suggested it LOL). I didnt want to put you off it, but its true about the whole production line wedding/ remains open to the public etc etc.

    Our friends had their reception at The Chine Hotel, in Bournemouth and it was lovely -the garden overlooks the beach, but i dont think you can get actually onto the beach from the hotel? (parking was a nightmare there though), which might be a possibility?

    Also, you could look at the Bournemouth highcliff marriott hotel (never been there but looks lovely)?

  • The Highcliff marriot is lovely!

    M3ech if you need chair covers, chocolate fountain/fruit palm tree etc then feel free to pm me and I'll pass on the name of a company who are based in Bournemouth

    Good luck in your search! image
  • It's not near a beach but have you looked at Parley Manor - Christchurch? That's where I'm getting married sooo pretty!! x image
  • m3echm3ech Posts: 77
    Thank you all so much everyone - you've been a great help! image

    We do have a couple of other venues to look into so I'll keep you updated! Some great suggestions there though & if anyone has anymore then please let me know! image
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