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Help!!! We need somewhere cheap in Hampshire.

Hi everyone! We have been enagaged for 6 months now and still have not found our venue. Everything is either too expensive, or just doesn't hit the spot for us. Please help us and let me know if you know anywhere in Hampshire that is under £5k and is still a nice place to have our wedding. We don't whant to give up on this.


  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    have you tried looking at ?
  • shezza82shezza82 Posts: 255
    Hi, what part of hampshire are you in? Shez x
  • LelukLeluk Posts: 46
    I have tried looking at loads of websites like hitched and wedding venues to give us some ideas. We have been and looked at all the venues we found on them, but like I said, they just haven't been right . Just thought I would ask to see if other people know of anywhere that we have not heard of already. We are between Southampton and Portsmouth, but are prepared to go anywhere, as long as it is still in Hampshire.

    Thank you for your help so far Saint-Bertie and Shezza.
  • nickiduknickiduk Posts: 93
    Might beb worth looking at Taplins Place in Hook. You organise your own catering and there's no corkage on drinks! Our catering and venue is £4,500.
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    what about a barn? there are several tithe barns in the area! there is one in petersfield and i think somewhere towards southampton.

    wha about marwell? not sure of the cost though.
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    Just a thought but I am looking cheap too!! so started looking at golf clubs and rugby football clubs! Some of them are really nice too.

    There was a railway station (disused) that did weddings but not sure if it still does as saw on the news that there was trouble with planning and the marquee! it was near winchester. Try googling unusual venues
  • shezza82shezza82 Posts: 255
    OK, um, well im in Gosport but there isnt much over here! Lol. However the Marriott is pretty reasonable and so is Quayside in Port Solent. We are paying for the lot ourselves and dont have a lot of dosh so we are having our reception at the Mead End in Denmead and its coming to around £2500 in total! Bargain!
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    Actually I looked at Gosport and really fancied the Gosport Rugby and Football Club near Asda! Also Explotion do weddings and also the forts on portsdown hill do! Is it Fort Widley?

    Just love the unusual!
  • shezza82shezza82 Posts: 255
    I didnt even know they did them and i live 2 mins away! lol

    I looked at the Fort too but you have to get your own caterers in and i'm lazy! lol x
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    I am a person on a mission!!! Was looking in Gosport as I come from there and my dad lives there still and the rest of the family live local too and we were planning to get married abroad so were only looking for reception places! Now it might change to getting married here but it will have to be in Reading where we live because of the church saying you have to marry local to where you live. So now on a mission to find cheap cheap cheap in the Reading area!

    When are you getting married shezza? Are you getting married at mead end too?
  • shezza82shezza82 Posts: 255
    We are getting Married 28th june 08, we are having the reception at The Mead End and getting married at All Saints Church in Catherington....have you booked anywhere yet? x
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    No Gotta do it in Reading now! I think anyway too complicated to do it in Gosport! Was dreaming about the church in Rowner by the Green Dragon and couldn't work out to get there!!! It was a nightmare driving around in a wedding dress and not knowing what road to take!!! Going to Gosport on the weekend so might have to drive round there to see if I do remember after all!
  • LelukLeluk Posts: 46
    Thank you all so much. You have all given suggestions that I wouldnt have thought of.

    We have been talking and we would settle for a really nice pub to have the reception. We just need it as cheap as possible. Even if we find somewhere that needs us to organise our own caterers, we would just do our own buffet and just have an evening do instead of a whole day wedding breakfast thing. If we could aford it we would do the whole meal thing, but as I said, we just need it as cheap as possible.

    I'm going to look into all these suggestions. I use to live in Denmead and so I know how nice The Mead End is. Good choice!!
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    My nephew had his reception at the football club place in waterlooville and they did the catering, my other nephew had a hall in a hall and did all the food and drink themselves in clanfield.
  • lea1982uklea1982uk Posts: 71
    Might beb worth looking at Taplins Place in Hook. You organise your own catering and there's no corkage on drinks! Our catering and venue is £4,500.
    i'm getting married here too. it's definately well under 5k and lovely too. good luck
  • LelukLeluk Posts: 46
    I'm trying to find Taplins Place. Where in Hook is it? I think I heard somewhere that it doesn't have a website (might be why I'm having troubles). Has anyone got a conact number?

  • Hey Lel,

    You learnt to post at last i see!!!

    Taplins Place - it! the address and telephone are all there!

    I'll text it to you as well!

    Love becc

  • LelukLeluk Posts: 46
    Thanks Becs, will try and give them a call at the weekend. Sounds promising though!!

  • We are based in Emsworth and are having the same problem!! Everywhere is so expensive around here image

    We thought about having an outdoor wedding with hog roast or BBQ but its proving to be more expensive than a venue with sit down meal....any suggestions?
  • Hello Ladies,

    Im from southampton!!! ive got my reception in Romsey, at the Romsey Pavilion, its around 6 grand for the marquee, food, corkage prices, staff, linen etc etc. Im not sure if thats too much for what you are looking at.

    If you are on a tight budget what about renting a hall somewhere and getting people to come in and decorate it with drapping etc. You could have bunting outside and have a english rose wedding image xx
  • MangoToesMangoToes Posts: 477

    We visited Horsebridge Station (the disused station mentioned by penguin) and it is beautiful! It's true she had problems with planning but I believe they've been resolved now. I think hire was c. ?????£2k. We also viewed Taplins Place which was also great (very quirky!!!) and has a great big field for marquees.

    We ended up plumping for a beautiful village hall in Surrey, which is something i HIGHLY recommend you look in to. Ours is costing us the princely sum of ?????£370!!!! I don't know Hampshire villages that well but found these two you might want to look at, they seem quite pretty and not at all like horrid modern 'community centre' type halls.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide on!!


  • MrsHBarneyMrsHBarney Posts: 195
    Hi, we've managed to get a good deal in the New Forest with Careys Manor, they do a really good offer where if you get married within 6 months they don't have a minimum guest number requirement which seems to really add to the costs when they require you to feed large numbers of people.

    Hope you find somewhere lovely soon x
  • tigerbabeuktigerbabeuk Posts: 144
    hi there im getting married next month live in portsmouth and getting married on HMS Warrior if you like something quirky, we are then having pub reception and everything under 5000! im very happy and cant wait, i searched around everywhere lots of places like hotels to good deals good luck hunting! image
  • honeybeaukhoneybeauk Posts: 477
    Hi Ladies... I live in Gosport too.... but getting married in Christchurch so just over the border... We are getting married in Church but our reception venue does a fantastic package and you can get married there..

    this is the link for the special offer... if they have dates left it is also for this year....

  • Hi Ladies! I'm getting married down in Hampshire as I grew up in Waterlooville. Like MangoToes says have a look at village halls. There are some lovely ones around in Hampshire. We're having our reception at Soberton Village Hall in a few weeks. To hire the hall is costing the grand total of £375 and that's for 2 1/2 days hire - bargain!

    Hope you find something you love image
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752

    im from southampton, and originally looked into marwell hotel..before settling on the hall.

    this was the quote i was given for sep 2011.

    Thank you for your contacting us regarding your Wedding Ceremony and Reception. I am pleased to offer you the following quote based on approximate numbers and options discussed:

    £250.00 Birch Suite Ceremony room hire

    £450.00 Orchid Suite Reception room hire

    £568.50 Drinks Package 1 @ £18.95 per person based on 30 guests

    £945.00 Wedding Breakfast @ £31.50 per person based on 30 guests

    £528.00 Hog Roast Evening Buffet @ £11.00 per person based on 48 guests (80% of total guests attending)

    £2741.50 TOTAL
  • Thank you for all your ideas! Have so much to check out..! My fiance is really set on an outdoor medieval wedding but I think we would have to find a hall with grounds as well in case the weather is rubbish. Its so scary how the costs add up. We thought a hog roast would be a cheaper option but was just as expensive. I am waiting for fort purbrook to call me back regarding costs as they have a huge green area as well as indoor options - has anyone held a wedding there yet?
  • Have you tried beaulieu, they have ruins and you can have your ceremony there, im not sure on the prices tho xx
  • Hi Mrs Radcliffe...yes they are quite expensive but it is lovely. Has any one had a wedding at Taplins or had a quote for one there? It looks really nice!
  • Allen2BAllen2B Posts: 44

    We are having our reception at Mellow Farm in Farnham (On the Hampshire/Surrey border). It is a lovely Medieval barn, and is amazing value! We are paying ?????£400 to have it exclusively Friday am - Sunday pm. It depends on what you are looking for though - it is very much a diy venue so you also need to factor in the cost of hiring tables & chairs, caterers etc.

    The website doesn't really show the space off that well, but as soon as we went to look at the barn we fell in love with it! The also have lots of land there and I think they can also do marquee weddings?
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