Help! Where do I start??


Has anyone else struggled to make the first step in wedding planning?? Me and hubby to be have been engaged for over 3 years so I know I want to marry him....but I can't seem to make the first step and book anything!

I think I am just panicking over making the first step cos the whole process seems so HUGE and daunting....

Any advice?? image


  • It does all seem overwhelming at the start but a good idea is to buy one of the magazines that have a planner as often they take you through the order to get things done. Fix a date first and the feel of the venue, time of year and pressure to work to a deadline might kick start it all and shape your choices... at the end of the day ENJOY IT!!! x
  • Hi,

    I'm a project manager so have taken the same (boring!) approach to my wedding planning... image

    Probably not for everyone this, but I'd have gone bonkers otherwise. Firstly, as LP Miss says, get a load of magazines or trawl through inspiration sites to get a *rough* idea of the overall format of your day. e.g., outdoor bohemian style wedding, formal traditional, trendy city wedding etc.

    Good sites to look at are: style me pretty, rock my wedding, rock and roll bride, project wedding... there are loads others around too. Included in this research you should pick up an idea of how much stuff costs (you don't want to decide to have a glam glam wedding but realise halfway through planning that you cannot afford it, for example). Armed with this information you should draw up a tentative budget.

    I split the planning into three phases:

    1. big ticket items - venue first (it will dictate much of what you do anyway), food/catering, band, photographer, videographer. The best of these tend to get booked up early and do not depend on the 'look'/details being finalised

    2. the 'look'. this is the fun bit - what is the brand and style of your day. this would include stationery, dress, bridesmaids, flowers, seating plan and all those things that really pull it together. Inspiration websites and magazines are great for this

    3. 'admin' phase. this includes things like gift list, seating plan, vows, finalising music choices and so forth. generally includes those things that doesn't involved negotiating and booking suppliers and can be done in your own time

    I've pretty much stuck to it - any lapses have been because I've delegated tasks to h2b, but that's another story!!

    Good luck!
  • lol Im an arts events manager, you sound like me - Ive done it very much in the same way and works very well! also I would say give yourself plenty of time, ( not too much tho considering you have been engaged for 3 years)
  • Ooh LittleRascal I like that advise! I'm pinching it!

    I got engaged in December and we're getting married next Jan. So far we've booked the church and reception venue (we didn't look at anywhere else because I was absolutely set on the church where my parents got married, and the reception venue is close by and within budget so I didn't see the point in looking elsewhere!) I've also booked the photographer, who is an old school friend.

    I started looking at wedding dresses this week, and I've also sent a couple of emails to wedding car places and a florist, so I can get a rough idea about how much I need to budget for these (I had absolutely no idea wedding cars cost so much! It's absolutely insane!) I've also had a look at wedding rings (but this is only because we have a £50 Ernest Jones voucher which expires at the end of March!)

    I'm hoping to have chosen my dress in the nedt 3 or 4 weeks (I've found two which I love!) and from there I'm hoping that the colourscheme will develop (I have about 3 different ideas of what I want for this, but if I choose the dress I've already seen I think ivory and black would probably work best).

    I think what Im' saying (in a roundabout way) is to find your venue. Have a rough idea of what you want to spend and start looking. There was a venue I went to years ago and would love to get married there but it was way over our budget so we didn't even bother looking at it - we could have haggled but even then it would have been too expensive.

    Good luck and enjoy it! I'm loving it so far (I know stressful times will come but I'm not going to let those get in the way at the moment!) If you want to PM me then I'm quite happy for us to share stories, support each other etc image

  • lle89lle89 Posts: 5
    Do the inportant things first:

    Date / Venue / Ceremony



    Cakes etc.

    My wedding is creeping up and I've only just got my flowers sorted!! I'm having artificial flowers so I had time to think about what I wanted. I got mine from Sparkle Weddings on ebay and they are amaze! You should really think about artifical flowers.

    Try sample sales for dresses. I'm having mine made just for me... I couldnt pick from 3 dresses so I'm having the best bits from each.

    Good Luck!!
  • With the help of magazines we now have a hefty to do list! We have a date in mind so now we are just narrowing down our venue choices. Once that's set in stone then I guess that will dictate the style and who we book. We thought we wanted a huge english wedding in a fancy house but on viewing we found them too intimidating so we are now looking for somewhere more intimate and maybe a little different from where everyone seems to get married. Then my husbands priority is the photographer and videographer. Weve heard that some photographers hate working with video so we are keen to find someone that will work well together...maybe even compliment each other?! Its all so hard!! When all the bug bits are sorted I guess its on to the fun bits like dresses and colours etc image
  • I found in order to get an idea of how much a venue will cost is to draw up a rough guest list. then you can work out how much your preferred venue will cost based on meal and drink package per guest which gives you the basis of your budget.

    feeding and watering guests is the most expensive part, once you've got that in place, start adding in budget for other items.

    we have a spreasheet set up that details all our tasks, ho uch budget each task is allocated and how much we actually spent on it.

    I have a list of things to do each month which means I am spreading the planning out nicely and have plenty of time to source good deals and products.

    make sure you get others to help you too, it isn't easy plannign a wedding single handedly
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