Saw couple get engaged today!

Hi all - was in London today on family day out having afternoon tea (v posh, not a regular activity for us!)and the couple sitting next to us got engaged. Luckily H2B noticed so we could take a sneaky peek at him popping the question and it was SO CUTE! I could have exploded! They looked so happy. You never know, perhaps she'll go in to immediate planning mode and be reading this!!



  • Aww thats so lovely- someone saw me and my h2b getting engaged and they said it was the loveliest thing to watch image xxx
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    Awww how sweet!!! I'd of cried for her I'm like that watching these wedding programmes lol

    Steph xx
  • gem1809gem1809 Posts: 228
    that is sooo cute!
  • I would have loved it! Although I am a total crier, so might have made an idiot out of myself!

    Afternoon tea sounds looovely x
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