Visiting Potential Venues - Questions

Hi everyone

I got engaged last month and we're off to see two potential venues tomorrow. Are there any specific questions I should be asking??

New to this so any help is much appreciated!!


  • Im not exactly sure but I know that you have to ask them if there will be any extra costs - at all. My friend booked a venue, it was a barn, and after she'd booked they told her she had to pay for staff! As they had to come in especially for it. I'm just going to keep asking 'so will that be the total cost' over and over again!!
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    Some things to ask off the top of my my experience most venues have lists of FAQs and helpful docs either on their website or when you meet with them. Also the wedding planners at the venues I viewed were all lovely and happy to answer any questions!

    Happy venue viewing!

    Will you have an individual contact at the venue?

    When do you have to pay? How much is the deposit? When is the balance due? When is the latest you can give final numbers?

    Is there a corkage charge if you want to bring own alcohol, if so, how much?

    What is the parking like?

    Will you be able to et up earlier in the day? The day before?

    What are weather contingencies?

    Are there any restrictions in terms of noise and do you have to pay any extra for music set up etc?

    Do you have to use in house caterers? Can you have buffet as well as set menu? Can you taste test and how close to the wedding?

    What time ceremony do they offer?

    Will your wedding be the only one on the day?

    Is there space for a dance floor?

    How many guests can they accommodate? What is the minimum number?

    Do they have space for children to play (if you're inviting hildren)

    Is table linen included? Will they help you source table linen etc if it's not included?

    Can they recommend suppliers for things like chair covers etc.

    Fully check things like chairs? Are they nice or suitable without any covers if you choose not to purchase any?

    How near are the toilets?

    What sort of selection of drinks do they have at the bar?

    Is there somewhere at the venue for bride/groom to have some space/to change?

    Can you have testimonials from recent couples?

    Are there any building works/renovations planned?

    Are there diff prices fro during the week, or certain times of year?

    Does price include VAT?

    Is the price fixed once you've paid the deposit or will you have to pay any increases if you're wedding in few years and they've gone up?

    Any restrictions on photography, videography etc?

    Can you throw confetti, rice, or flowers (if you have you heart on them!)

    Likewise with fireworks? Balloons? Naked flames- if you want candles?

    How many staff will there be?

    Do we need to pay for security?

    And the most important ARE THEY AVAILABLE ON THE DATE YOU WANT?! image
  • Defo ask about any extra costs

    Also questions like the min and max amount of guests are able to have?

    Alot of venues have min spend so ask about that!!

    Ask about discounts for non saturday weddings or out of season weddings! (we have saved nearly 2 grand by having a friday in december)

    How many weddings they do a day? (I only wanted a venue that did one a day)

    Limits on how you choose to decorate the venues? (one venue I spoke to doesnt let you have open flames like candles)

    Weather you have to use there recommended supliers or weather you can use your own?

    cant think of anymore now image Coz I asked loadz when we went venue shopping image

    Good luck
  • thanks for the replies so far, very helpful!
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