Benjamin Roberts 1033 vs Maggie Sottero Carrie???

Can anyone out there offer some advice? I think I've whittled my dress options down to the final two, but I can't choose! They are actually really similar in style/shape. Quick summary:

- 1033 is taffeta and more 'matte', while Carrie is more shiny.

- 1033 has a straight line of embellishment under the bust repeated on the back, while Carrie has assymetrical embellishment to the bust and another bit on the hip.

- Both have the fitted torso with caught-up skirt which I love.

- Then 1033 is a zip with button overlay closure, while Carrie is a corset.

Can anyone offer their views on these two dresses? And also the designers - preference of one over the other?

Both dresses fitted well - since they are so similar, I have no doubt I've found 'my style'. I just don't know how I'm going to choose between the two and find 'my dress'?!



  • Hi MrsTJ2Bee. They are both absolutely gorgeous. Personally I prefer the Benjamin Roberts one - BUT I generally prefer Maggie dresses because most bridal shops say she is second to none - the fit of a Maggie dress is always amazing because of the corsetry.

    Having said that, my dress is a Ronald Joyce! I thought I would go for a Maggie one and had whittled it down to two but then I went back to the shop to try some more on 'just in case'. Picked out my dress at random because it was reduced and it was amazing on. When is your wedding hun? If you have time, it's worth trying a few more I reckon - you may find one that you absolutely know is 'the dress'.

    Hope this helps - I loved trying dresses on and I'm jealous that I can't any more! Haha image xxxxx
  • Hi! Hmm, I think I'm leaning towards Maggie because I can't get past the fact the BR one has a zip... I'm going to try both on again this weekend (hurrah found a shop that stocks both!) And also we're getting married in Florida and Maggie is an American make... just seems apt?!

    Wedding's not til May 2012 but I've been warned that Maggie Sottero discontinues certain dresses each Mar/Apr so there's a risk Carrie may get cut (it's been around for a while!) Right now, if Carrie was discontinued and I hadn't ordered it, I think I'd be gutted. Surely this must mean something?!
  • I'm a Maggie Sottero Carrie bride. Not getting married for another 5 weeks, but once i put this dress on i knew it was 'the one'. Ive got my 3rd fitting on sat so i cant wait to try it on again. I must say for the few minutes ive been wearing it in my fittings its really comfy! image image
  • Hello xMrsM2bex! Yeh, I definitely remember it being comfortable and maybe pretty light - I could move around, bend etc way more easily than in any of the others I'd tried on. And since I'll be wearing it for a destination wedding, I figure comfort and lightweight and key things to consider. Knowing our luck, it'll rain and we'll have to have it inside image

    Out of interest, did you have any other 'contenders' before you decided Carrie was meant to be??
  • I had another Maggie dress, which was (i think) called Samantha which my sister liked on me-but these was no doubt that the Carrie i was going to go with.

    In what colour have you tried it on?? x
  • The store had it in the oyster - which is why when I went round the rails pulling out potential dresses, I didn't give Carrie a second look. The girl actually chose her for me and I figured I'd give it a go, even though it wasn't the colour I'd go for. They had it in ivory which I think is what I'd have - but it was too big for me so I couldn't try it on. What colour are you having? x
  • When i went dress shopping they also had it in the Oyster, which is the colour ive gone for. I'm very pale so it looked ok on me x
  • I'm really pale too! I always thought I'd have white, but white did nothing for me. Hmmm, I might be getting 'Carrie-d' away though! I should probably not rule out 1033 until I try them both again... But I think I just really want the corset back...
  • The shop showed me the carrie in white, but you seriously would not be able to see me in it it was so bright!!

    Hope you can decide which one you like best image
  • Ah thanks, me too! You'll have to post some pics of you as a Carrie bride! Enjoy your fitting this weekend! x
  • Once the wedding has been i sure will. When are u getting married?? xx
  • Hi MrsM2beX! Getting married May 2012 so a bit of a wait. But.... ordered my dress this weekend!! I went for Carrie - when I tried 1033 on, then Carrie straight after, there was no contest!! I love Carrie!! image image
  • Oh im glad that you've been able to make a decision. I'll send you a pic of me in my dress straight after my wedding. What colour have u gone for in the end?? Lucky that you've bought it know, apparently Maggie Sottero's prices ar goin up in march image
  • They are?? Where did you hear that? I know I was warned about stuff being discontinued in March so maybe they'll cut some dresses and up their prices at the same time? Wow, glad we've ordered now then! I went for the ivory in the end. Oh please send me a pic of you in your dress after your wedding - that would be fab to see! Looks so different on real brides to how it does on the MS website, don't you think? Certainly looks different on me!image
  • The bridal shop where i've had mine from sent me an update on facebook! Check with you bridal shop just in case.Very nice, i'm sure you'll look fab! image

    It does ye, deffo!!

    Send me your email address via private mail, then ill send you a pic end of next month xx
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