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hello ladies

is anyone just having their reception in a pub without the sit down meal? im interested in what you are doing for wedding favours as there wont really be a proper seating plan so how do you know how many favours to put where. any ideas of favours would be helpful too

thanks x x


  • Hi! If you are still having tables then you could still lay the favours at the table as usual, you would just need to have the same favour for men, women and children. Alternatively you could maybe have little boxes placed on the gift table so guests can take a favour as they leave your cards and gifts xx
  • I've been having the same dilemma. we've decided to put together little bags (like party bags) as we aren't inviting many people. means we can make them really personal too.
  • hi , i went to a wedding recently which was a buffet in a pub instead of sit down meal and one of the young bridesmaid went round giving everyone a little pouch with sugar almonds in and little scrolls thanking the guest for coming with a little poem them on it was really nice x
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    I'm having a pub reception and not doing favours as such - i'm going to make chocolate truffles and tie them in tissue paper and put in several bowls - also having a sweetie table with bags so they can eat then or take home! Just doing lots of little bits to make it special - confetti cones with dried petals that i'm doing myself, bubbles on tables, loo box etc! must admit that most weddings i've been to i haven't eaten the favours, just given them to the kids! so think its a bit of a waste if people not actually sitting down! x
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    oops sorry - double post x imageops:
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