Purchased my veil

I'm so happy, yesterday I had a lovely day with the two mums. We finalised the flowers with the florist and then went to the shop we purchased my dress from and tried on the veil. I saw the veil I loved on the catwalk at the BIC wedding show and, although the models wore the cathederial length, I found this length annoyed me so I chose fingertip length.

Its ivory, with chrystals and pearls all over it (scattered). two tier although because i'm not getting married in church Im not going to use the second tier over my face.

It matches my dress (Ellis 11032 in ivory) perfectly and is so dainty.

I was really upset with my bridesmaid though cus she didnt bother turning up for the florists even though she said she was free and wanted to come. I was going to surprise her by letting her choose the flowers for her bouquet herself and, letting her have the round posy style rather than an over arm which is what I was originally going to have (i changed my mind on it as they just didnt look right with the flowers I wanted).

I hope she doesnt forget she needs to be with me on our big day!!!!!

She rang me a bit later to apologise - no real reason why she didnt turn up just sort of forgot (even though it was written in her diary as I saw her do this and, she lives her life totally by her diary)!

Still I've forgiven her - I cant be bothered with the arguements and feelings of resentment. I'm just so chuffed that I got my veil and the flowers sorted.

Ya heeeyyyy!
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