Just engaged!!

Hi girls,

My boyfriend of 8 years finally asked me to marry him last night image it so was a total surprise. I love my ring is a marquise diamond in platinum. Looking forward to chatting to everyone, this seems a great forum to meet other excited brides-to-be.

x x x


  • Hi dreambride,

    Huge Congratulations on getting engaged!! you must be so happy. How did he propose? have you thought about a date yet? xx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053

    Welcome to the world of wedding planning! Its so exciting, you will love it. I am loving every minute of planning ours (H2B lives and works away so I have done most of it!).

    I am sure this website will become your new bestfriend, hehe.

    How did he do it then? And have you got a date in mind?

    Enjoy and welcome!x
  • Congratulations hun!

    This is a great site for finding out all sorts and getting to chat to other people in the same boat! I got engaged to my partner of 5 years just under a month ago now, so I'm still pretty new here myself. Be warned, it does get addictive! Enjoy the daydreaming that is likely to follow!

  • Congrats!!! I totally agree with Amy - this site it seriously addictive!!

    My top tip is to have a couple of months to enjoy your engagement before you start making any really serious plans. We did this (more because we had to - we got engaged at the beginning of December, wanted to get Christmas out of the way and then I worked every weekend in Jan so couldn't make any proper plans until the start of Feb!) As hard as it was it was definately the best thing for us to do - I could look online at dresses and venues I could NEVER afford, play out the dream wedding in my head, and then reassess what my priorities were about the wedding and where we wanted to splurge and where we wanted to save.

    Enjoy your engagement! The buzz is FAB!!!
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    I'm with the girls above! I'm not quite engaged yet (waiting for the official proposal and the ring) but I'm addicted already!!!! Congratulations though! Its all really exciting!!!
  • Thanks Hayley/Chezza/Amy/Lauren, Well it was just a normal day and in the evening he offered to give me a back massage and foot rub (heaven!) so he lit candles and put on some relaxing music, did my back then he suggested I have an eye mask for the foot rub so I could really relax. Afterwards he told me to take off my mask and he was knealing beside me with the ring! I've been on cloud nine since!!

    Yes we are planning to enjoy being engaged yet but I have been having a look on the internet at venues (is nice to dream...!)

    Does anyone have a date set? x x
  • Hi Dreambride,

    My date is 15th October and i got engaged September the 18th last year and i was so not expecting it either!. enjoy the planning i have nearly finished all the planning and dreading how empty my lif will feel after it is all over! x
  • Awww, that is such a lovely way to have proposed! He obviously put a lot of thought into it, and he must really know what a girl wants to give you a massage and a diamond all at the same time! Major brownie points! image
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    Aww great news! Congrats!

    Enjoy the planning and welcome to the forum! image
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