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Hello ladies, (and gents) am new to the forum and so excited about tying the knot!!. Have finally booked a venue and am confirming the church tomorrow. Just wandered really if anyone knew of any good photographers in the Fareham/ Portsmouth/ Southampton areas that were quite reasonably priced.

We would ideally like a more reportage style with some staged shots to please the oldies. We really don't have a very large budget (certainly couldn't afford the £1,000 that some photographers are asking) appreciate this is quite an ask, and really hope i dont offend any photographers out there, I imagine there is a huge amount of work involved in a wedding so please dont think I am being rude image


  • also if anyone knows of anywhere/anyone i could hire a trans am for the day (for the groom i'd be super grateful as well!!

    Thank you!! image
  • Hi

    Check out Lucy Eloise Photography, based in Hampshire, reportage style (with a few staged group shots), reasonably priced and apparently lovely to have around on the day! (I've met her once and she was indeed lovely, and booked her for my wedding in June).
  • Thank you Maidmerriman!! Her photos are lovely!!
  • Hi my photographer is amazing and sensibly priced!!! Shes not hampshire based but my wedding is in christchurch and i know she did one in romsey at xmas.

    Check her out xx

    Ive a great florist too and dj all based local if you would need their details too x
  • Hiya

    We have booked Ben Goode of Ben Goode photography after a recommendation from a collegue. Another colleague has also booked him for her wedding in April. His work is reportage style and prices are reasonable.
  • thanks everyone, really appreciate your help!
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  • Harbourbride - who is your florist? I'm getting married in the New Forest and am not that impressed with their recommended florist.

  • You could try Chris Robinson - he is based in Lyndhurst and costs about £450 for half a day? I had an appointment with him, but i didnt click with him, but thats probably just me!

    Also, Barry Rickman is under £1000 and his wife does flowers that are lovely and very reasonably priced?

    I have gone with Joe Constable (unique- but the package comes in at over £1000, but i know he does different packages for different amounts and he seems really great - cant wait to use him in August!!

    twigslovestug - where are you getting married? I live in the New Forest. I am using Jane Bidwell for my flowers - my shower bouquet, 2 large wrist corsages, 2 elaborate buttonholes, 3 normal buttonholes, the ceremony tableflowers, a throwing bouquet and 2 thank you bouquets for under £300... I know this depends on the time of year and flowers you want, but she was really helpful and might be worth a look??
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