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Hi im new to the site but looks like its going to be another addiction (as well as anyone else on that?

I got engaged on fri (was also my birthday) so happy image


  • gem1809gem1809 Posts: 228
    new? ur avatar says you joined 18/09/2009 and have made 3425 posts?
  • just another crazy girl???

  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
    My post count from has been carried over to here when the site merged with others at hearst magazines so not crazy i swear image
  • Ahh, ok that case CONGRATULATIONS!!! image

    want to give us some details of the proposal?? Was he romantic..mine was truly amazing, wasnt expecting it at all

  • gem1809gem1809 Posts: 228
    seen as you're not crazy! he he big congrats to you both! any date ideas?
  • Congratulations!!!!

    I'm new too. How did he propose?? image
  • Hey Charlotte

    Congratulations! Im also new to this site but lurk on cosmo and seen your news, what was the proposal like?!
  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
    2013/2014 for dates. The proposal, he proposed on my my birthday while we were out, we were talking about our future and he said he had wanted to propose for over a year but wanted to wait until he could afford a big ring, so i said its not the cost of the ring that matters but what it represents image

    So he said in that case.... and then he proposed! We went ring shopping the next day for a 'temp ring' until he can get something more expensive and then when we got home he got down on one knee and proposed again, this time with the ring imageimageimage I LOVE the temp ring though.
  • That's lovely, 'temp ring' brilliant!! If you love it, do you need to get another one??

    As it wont be the one he proposed with??

    My H2B was the same, had been planning to propose since Feb 2010, but wanted to save for the ring and do it properly as he put it! Worth the wait though.
  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
    I don't but you know what men are like with their damn pride image

    Hopefully he will forget image
  • Congratulations xx
  • soulmatessoulmates Posts: 173

    I hope you enjoy it here and have fun doing lots of planning image
  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997

    There have been a few ladies on here who have carried posts over from cosmo so don't worry about it! image

    Welcome!!! What have you got planned so far? xx
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