Engagement Stories..

Thought it'd be lovely to put our engagement stories on here..

I wasnt expecting mine at all, even though i'd been moaning about him not pulling his finger out to ask me..even argued at one point about where our relationship was going because i felt like we'd not moved forward in 3 years.

Anyway, i got rid of my house and we moved in together officially after 3 and half years, so to celebrate this occaision we decided to have a Mr & Mrs themed dinner party with close family.

February 12th 2010..friday night. i'd slaved all day, cleaning up, cooked, table for 11 all set, ready to serve image

Meal was delicious if i do say so myself, 8hr shin of beef yum yum..followed by Chocolate Brownies and Caramel Shortbreads

We'd asked each of the couples to bring a question of their choice for the Mr & Mrs quiz which we started to play after our meal.

The game was fab, We got knocked out in the 2nd round thou so neither of us got to ask out questions!! (much to matthews disapointment!)

The winners were my sister and her hubby and we celebrated with a cocktail..

Anyway, as the evening progressed, and the wine flowed Matthew kept asking if we should ask each others questions, but with singstar and the wii in full flow we kept putting it off!! haha..

About 11pm when we were all sung out and chilled on the sofas we topped up the drinks again and decided to do the questions.

Going around the room was fun, some of them were really good..then came my turn with matthews question. Read out by his sister was this..

If Matthew proposed right now what would your answer be..

A, say no cos he loves football more than you

B, say yes because you really do love him and he is the bestest boyfriend ever or

C, say yes but only if he's bought the 18ct white gold baguette ring from Beaverbrooks that you keep going on and on about!!

well, like a div i still didnt get it and said that i'd like to say B because althou i do keep going on about the ring it doesnt matter about that any more as we really do love each other..ahh

At this point he came over to me, got on 1 knee and pulled out my rock and said 'do i need to get a refund on this then?'

i burst into tears, my sister who was sat next to me started crying then as i looked at my matthew who also had tears in his eyes said 'will you marry me'

i said yes and we opened the pink champagne i'd had at xmas image

truly magical evening, think we went to bed about 4am!!



  • Thats' such a lovely proposal!!

    Well mine was only a week ago but...

    We were on holiday in Florida, I had booked dinner for us inside Cinderella's castle in the magic kingdom in Disney world. Just as a nice dinner. So the day came.. I booked it about 2months, then about 2 weeks before we left for holiday I got an email from the restaurant saying they had doubled booked and could they change are time.. I was fine about and didn't think twice.

    So there we were.. sitting in the restaurant just chatting etc, we had an amazing starter and main.. very tasty! Then our waitress came over and said "dessert for the lady" and I was thinking to myself.. I didn't order dessert, and she lifted by the silver platter lid, and on a plate was a bed of rose petals a glass slipper with an amazing ring inside! I looked up.. and he said "will you marry me" somehow I said yes through the tears, and we had a photographer all prearranged taken photos of the whole proposal then a few posed ones! We then got given the most amazing dessert, which consisted of a white chocolate slipper and 'happily ever after' written in chocolate!! we then finished dessert, got our bag of goodies (engraved glass slipper with our names, date of engagement, 2 champagne glasses with Cinderella's royal Table engraved on, just engaged badges)



  • G and I had been unofficially engaged for ages, but he'd been making me wait for the big proposal. On Christmas eve we had invited lots of people over for a casual dinner and general Christmas relaxation. Only my brother and G's best friend turned up.

    I'd made lots and lots of nibbles, and a whole slow roast belly of pork, creamy potato and sweet potato mash and agrodolce peppers (with mulled Carlsberg gravy, as we didn't have any cider and figured it was about the only way the can of Carlsberg would ever be used up).

    After dinner, we were sitting around chatting and G disappeared into the cupboard under the stairs for a moment and reappeared with a bottle box shaped wrapped present. He gestured for me to open it and I asked if I should wait 'til Christmas day.

    My brother is a great lover of whisky and was convinced it must be a bottle of single malt, so encouraged me to open it and G insisted.

    Some months ago I'd said to G that, as he hadn't had to buy a ring (my ring was given to him to give to me by my Grandma), he should propose to me with some beautiful shoes or a bottle of Dom Perignon.

    When I opened the top of the wrapping paper I could see the words "Dom Perignon 2002" and burst into happy tears. The two guests on the other side of the table were utterly baffled by my tears and I finished unwrapping the present.

    The box inside was still sealed so I was expecting him to get down on one knee with a ring box. He just suggested I should open up the box itself. I split the seal and opened the box to find the ring tied to the neck of the bottle with a satin ribbon.

    I asked G if he was going to ask me the question. But by this point, G was also giggling and in tears so my brother jokingly said "R will you marry G". The other guys realised that perhaps we needed a moment so disappeared up the stairs for a few minutes and G untied the ring from the bottle, slid it on my finger and said "Will you marry me?". I nodded enthusiastically and tried to get the word "Yes" out.

    We decided to keep the Dom Perignon until our parents came over the next day, and called my parents to let them know. I don't think anyone has ever been as excited by someone else's proposal as my mum was by ours.

    I think it was possibly the best Christmas present I could ever have had.
  • Argh! Double post!
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    We'd talked about getting engaged a handful of times, mainly it got brought up in general conversation with other people and we both agreed on waiting til i'd sold my house, then when i'd got another job, then it became after we'd bought our house, then when we'd got settled in, etc, etc. Got settled into our house (been here 2 years now) and we had 3 weddings to go to last year (april, june & august) which brought the conversation of getting married back round again. Having chatted we realised we kind of had different time lengths on things and views of what we wanted wedding wise, which was starting to infuriate me a little as i was wanting to know where things were going and get on with it. It ended up with us deciding to forget the whole getting married thing and just take life as it came/happened. And to be honest, i thought, well thats it then, we'll never get married.

    Anyway, we'd booked to go to Paris and Euro Disney for 5 days last August and he proposed under the Eiffel Tower in Paris!! Apparently, he'd had it planned for ages and was getting annoyed at me trying to head the conversations round to 'when are you going to get round to making an honest woman of me?'.

    We got straight onto the wedding planning when we got back and get married on 16th April this year, so not long now image
  • ahh, theyre lovely stories image

    Any more ladies??

  • Well ladies i'm sat at work (nurse on nights) crying at your stories (such a soppy sod) all such lovely proposals, we deserve them!!

    Mine was last september, I had booked a random week off work and had nothing planned, my h2b is self employed and decided last minute (or so i thought) to have a week off too. He woke me on the tues morning and said he booked a last min holiday and I had 3 hrs to pack and whisked me off to venice. I did think he might propose and my friend text me to ask if he would and he said it was a last min thing and not to get excited about that image

    However on the last night we were having dinner outside on the river with candlelight and he popped the question - I had been so thrown off the scent I was totally shocked. He had a ring and everything, it was amazing!! After a lot of crying and champagne it was the perfect evening. And he had it planned for months before and kept it secret from everyone. Bless him.

    Can't wait to read more stories...
  • I absolutely loved my proposal! Paul and I had been together 5 1/2 years and lived together for 4 but as he's in the RAF and we were waiting to find out if we needed to move across the country etc I really wasn't expecting a proposal - especially as Paul kept dropping hints that it wasn't the right time, didn't want to think about weddings etc.

    In April 2009 Paul was in cyprus for 3 months with work and I went over for 10 days. We had a fab holiday, it was lovely to spend a bit of time together as we were living apart in the week.

    On the last day Paul organised for us to go and watch a private show with the Red Arrows from a clifftop in cyprus, he was talking me through the show and said they're going to do a heart in a minute, me: mesmerised by the planes so close 'oh yeah' 'yeah and it's a special heart' me: do they do a spin in it?' They did the heart and I heard, 'Bex, is now a good time for a wedding proposal?' I whipped my head round and he was on one knee with my ring and asked if I would marry him! I was absolutely shocked and sais yes straight away, the official photographer told me he wanted some pics of us for the brochure so I have some fab pics of the moment. Will try to post them on here!

    Lovely stories girls, how lucky are we!! xxx
  • Mrsrh2b2, I was in quite a similar situation to you in that I had been thrown completely off the scent after several romantic weekends away - Venice for our anniversary, Amsterdam for Valentines, and still no proposal, despite all my friends being convinced it was going to happen every time and getting my hopes up!! So I was getting to a point where I really didn't think it would be on the cards any time soon, maybe one day, but H2B seemed to be more interested in having kids than the whole marriage thing, and I was coming round to the idea although I'd always wanted to be married before having kids.

    Anyway, for H2B's birthday last year we booked a weekend away in Edinburgh, I booked us a room and dinner at a gorgeous castle as a surprise, so I was completely focused on that and whether he'd like it, engagement was just about the furthest thing from my mind. The night before we left for Edinburgh, H2B popped round to his parents to collect his b-day gift from them, and he came home with a small box wrapped up and said his parents had told him not to open this until we got to Edinburgh. I thought this was very odd and tried to convince him to open it there and then but he wouldn't, and he packed it away in his hand luggage. I then pretty much forgot about it. So on arriving in Edinburgh the next day we decided to go and check out Edinburgh Castle. We were up at the top looking out at the view which was beautiful as it was a gorgeous sunny day, and suddenly H2B said "my parents actually told me to open the present when I was up here". I found that extremely odd, and tried to second guess what it could possibly be that would require opening on Edinburgh Castle, but still had no clue what was really going on! So anyway, he knelt down to get the present out of his rucksack and started opening the wrapping paper. I then saw the "De Beers" box but still I didn't click, I thought maybe they'd got him a really nice watch or something! Even when he opened the box and I saw the ring, for a split second I thought "why on earth have they given him a ring?", ha ha! It then finally clicked and the first words to come out of my mouth were "what are you doing??" as I was just so shocked and also a little embarrassed as there were quite a few other people around and I didn't want everyone staring and cheering or anything like that!! After the shock wore off, H2B said "so are you going to say yes then?" and I did!! Later that day we went back to the castle hotel I'd booked us and it was the perfect setting to be post-proposal, I couldn't have planned it better if I'd known!!
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    I didnt really have a proposal. We had been talking about the future and stuff since we had been together. after 8months of being together he decided it was the right time and i dont wear jewellery at all! so he asked me what size ring i wore and i didnt know so i had it sized. I have massive fingers! anyway i said to him he had to ask my dad and then i chose the ring. Probly the least romantic proposal ever but thats my h2b for you. wouldnt know romance if it punched him in the face lol. That was over 18months ago now and its gone so fast 100 days til we get married!
  • I love reading these!

    We had booked a holiday with my family to Thailand in January 2010 and as a surprise for his birthday I booked an extra 4 days in Cambodia at the beginning of the trip. While we were there he mentioned a few times that it would be nice to arrange a romantic sunset dinner on the beach when we got to Thailand and I casually went along with it, secretly thinking "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, he's going to propose!!"

    So we got to Thailand and a few days passed and nothing was mentioned. I suggested we booked the romantic meal and he sort of sniffed and said "yeah whatever, if you like", I pushed it a few more times and he didn't seem bothered so I left it, thinking I'd misread the whole situation. My sister then piped up and said we should do it, it would be a really nice thing to do, he didn't want to but I booked it anyway thinking it would be a nice opportunity to spend time alone away from the whole family!

    So I was just excited that we were having a private dinner set up on the beach and had quite a bit to drink. We were eating our starters and looking out to sea saying "i love you" "no i love you more" etc etc when he shoved his chair back, flung himself on the floor and said "enough to marry me?" Of course I burst into (slightly tipsy) tears and said "the ring box is upside down". He broke into a few tears (although he denies it now!) and I said yes, we grabbed eachother and then sat staring across the table and forgot to eat our lovely dinner!

    I was then horrifically sick in the bath while he rubbed my back and poked the chunks down the plughole. Good job he'd already asked me to marry him or that might have put him off for life!

    It turns out he wanted to ask me in Cambodia but as my dad had flown out to Thailand early to do some scuba diving he couldn't ask his permission so had to wait until we got to Thailand. My mum carried the ring out on the plane for him so I presume my sister was in on it too, although she totally denies it!! my sneaky family...
  • We got engaged in India whilst on holiday there last year which was so special as we both love travelling in India, it's really close to our hearts.

    We were in Udaipur which is said to be the most romantic city in India and we planned to go for a nice meal just out of town that evening. Unfortunately I got a touch of 'Delhi belly' and spent the later afternoon with my head down the toilet! image

    Anyway the bext day i was feeling much better so we went out for the meal, as we were there in monsoon and the rains were coming down we were the only people in the whole restaurant which was amazing. After our meal we went to the bar and H2B was being all touchy feely and odd so I said 'what's up with you' as I turned my head to look at him he was holding a ring box and a ring! image

    It wasn't a real engagement ring, he'd had it made just to take to India to ask me as he didn't want to travel with a real diamond and my Dad had been looking after it for about a month before we left!!

    It makes me all gooey just thinking about it again.
  • 2010 was a realy horrific year for us. I lost my dad in the march. Christmas came and went and all my friends were positive he would propose on christmas day, as it was the first year without dad, and everyone seemed to think it would take the edge off the sadness. In the end we had a gorgeous, if not slightly teary at times day.

    My H2B has just set up his own business so money is tight and i pretty much know all the money that goes in and out so i knew he hadnt bought me a ring. Plus we are always together!!

    Anyhow.. on the 3rd Jan we went away to the lakes for a few days, to a lodge with our own private outdoor hot tub overlooking a small beautiful lake! On the first night we were sat in the tub looking at the stars and h2b was acting a bit odd, leaning over the hot tub and fishing about in his dressing gown which,(slightly to my annoyance) he'd dropped on the floor!

    I was facing the other way looking at the lake and the stars twinkling and i said, do you think one of those twinkly stars is my dad? I turned around and there he was with a little ring box open with my gorgeous ring inside. He said 'well if he is a shiny star i hope he's twinkling on us and is happy that im asking you to marry me.'

    Lots of tears from the both of us, i realised i hadnt even said yes!! We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly in the hot tub smiling at each other like utter lunatics!!

    If dad was watching im pretty sure he's be chuffed!! xx
  • oh kennerturps - that's a lovely story image
  • Thank you!! I love hearing all these lovely stories! xx
  • well unbeknowst to me, Mr T had been trying to find a time to ask me for a year and I kept messing it up!! he decided to ask me on holiday in cuba in July 09, then chickened out because it was very public, then I decided a month later we should move out of london to yorkshire so that put it back too.

    finally, we got a mini break away after easter last year to the very beautiful island of Skye. we both love walking and culture and new places so I thought it was just a nice holiday to get away from the stress of a new home, new jobs etc.

    the first fully day it was a really grey and gloomy day and Mr T was so agitated about the weather and concerned about having to change plans - this is totally him anyway so I didn't pick up on anything. I managed to convince him that a walk in the rain wasn't fun so we swopped some things around and went sightseeing instead. turns out he wanted to propose that day! in teh end he was glad he didn't cos the hotel we stayed in that night was a dive!!

    so the wednesday - we get up early and go to the start of our walk - I was faced with a real life mountain (only just an official mountain but a big thing with steep sides none the less!) so we got half way ok, then I started to struggle on the VERY steep slope that was relentless!!

    I was calling him every name under the sun for the pain I was going through, when he stopped and told me I had to tell him I love him at the top. I told him I'd be sure to tell him something about how I feel and carried on slogging away right to the very top. exhausted!!!

    I was looking at the quite frankly STUNNING view and relented and said ok I love you, this is amazing. no answer so I turn around and there is no one there.

    then this little voice comes floating up from below me to ask me to marry him!!! my first response - are you serious?!!! my secong, OMG yes!!! cue lots of tears and a very wet knee for Mr T!!!

    I will remember the view I was looking at til the end of my days, it was a perfect day, jsut perfect , even though he refused to buy a bottle of champers in the hotel cos it was a rip off!!!! typical yorkshire man!!!

    we chose my ring together a few weeks later image
  • Me and H2B had already decided to get engaged and looked at rings etc so I was kind of expecting a proposal but I didn't know when!! I thought it would of been Christmas, then New Year or maybe Valentines Day. It turned out to be on my birthday last Thursday!

    We went out for a meal to Le Manoir and in between courses he reached over and held my hand and started smiling, I freaked out and said what are you doing?!? I just got really nervous and embarrassed as it was packed in there. He said calm down I'm just holding your hand!!

    We then had coffee and petits fours in the lounge (as you do!!) and we were completely on our own. He said I hope you've had a lovely birthday with all the cards, flowers, meal and presents? Then he said its not over yet and reached into his jacket pocket! He then said will you marry me?! I just starting giggling like a loon and said yes!!

    Very happy and now we are starting to look at venues etc etc etc!!! OMG so much to organise....

  • oh these stories are amazing, its like loads of mini romances over and over image

    its funny how bloke normally dont give a toss about perfection etc but sometimes they really do pull it out the bag image

    the lovely memories we all have that will build pictures and stories for our future grandchildren are just perfect.

  • Wow what beautiful stories! I could read a bilion of them!!

    I hope you like my story too..

    It was my 21st birthday and I hadn't gotten round to planning anything but a night out for it. I'd gone to get my hair done in the morning, and when I arrived back home (I live in a pub with a garden at the front!)..there was a party that had been set up in the garden!! With a bouncy castle (im a kid at heart!!) a huge cake, a BBQ, loads of balloons, pink decorations everywhere and all my friends & family (including people I hadn't seen for 3 years!) I just couldn't believe my eyes, and soon saw my fianc????, who had arranged it all.

    Just the surprise of the party completely shocked me, and I was already crying. I was so happy.

    Anyway, my fianc???? kept asking when I wanted to open all of my presents (i kept putting it off as I hate doing things like that infront of everyone!!!) and I eventually gave in. He then said I should open his first, and do it on the bouncy castle. He took out a massive present and I really would never have guessed what was inside it!..So i opened it, and it was just a box. So I opened that box...and inside was a smallish box, on top of shredded paper. I opened this box and it was completely empty!! He asked me to look back into the first big box. And I found another box.. Anyway, putting it shortly..3 boxes later (!!) I opened the smallest box yet,and inside was a silver box, which held my engagement ring! I was just in shock and just burst into tears (he did too!) and hugged him. I forgot all about all of our friends & family, and even to say yes until my dad shouted 'So is that a yes Stef??!!' And, obviously, shouted yes!! Everyone cheered (and they were all crying!!) and it couldn't have been more perfect, or more of a surprise image

    This is when I'd opened the last box..and I'd finally twigged what was going on!! (i didnt even notice he was on one knee!)

  • awww Stef_x2012Bride what an amazing proposal, that was so lovely to read image

    the day i got engaged was my fiances 20th birthday. we had been talking about getting married from the first week we met, and had been together for only 10 months when we got engaged. for his birthday i took him to thorpe park for the day. we both looked an absolute mess and were going out for dinner that night with his entire family. we got to the resturant and to be honest now looking at it my fiance just didnt seem right he didnt really talk to me and couldnt look at me which i now know was complete nerves bless him. when dinner had finished i went to the toilet and later found out got the engagement ring from his mums handbag hidden away image and when i came back he stood up and thanked everyone for coming, but before they all went there was something he needed to do. then infront of a full restaurant and his family he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. i didnt even say yes because i was crying too much. i will never forget it it was the most amazing moment of my life image xx
  • soulmatessoulmates Posts: 173
    Someone should create a book of all the lovely engagement stories, always brings tears to my eyes.

    Thank you to all those who share image
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I've gone all teary!

    So many sweet men!

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride
    In August I got a new job, so in order to use up some holiday we decided to take a short break to my parents' house in France. We had a lovely chilled week there and on the way back we had an afternoon to kill in St Malo. I suggested a few weeks before that we went to MOnt St Michael as a way to spend the time.

    Looking back Mr L-S was acting a bit weird but at the time I didn't pick up on it. After looking round the abbey and walked back to the bottom (with ice cream by this point) Mr L-S kept trying to get me alone, but I wasn't playing ball.

    Eventually we walked back to the car.

    Just as we got there, Mr L-S said that he had rung my parents the day before. I straight away thought that he had broken something in the house. He told me that he had asked their permission to ask me something very special and he asked me there and then! I was sooooo happy and just hugged him and said yes, and he told me it was my fault it was in the car park!

    We had been together for about 7 years and although we had talked of marriage, I really didnt expect it then. I didn't quite believe he had finally asked either image

    He knows me well enough to know how much I love jewellery and that I wanted to choose my own ring, so hadn't brought one. One they way back to St Malo we stopped at a supermarket to get some wine etc so I went into the Claire's Accessories there and brought a fakey ring to wear until I got my real one. I still have it and loved wearing it image

    A couple of weeks later we went to Birmingham to choose a ring and when we got home (after a 4 hour car journey) I was busting!

    As I opened the bathroom door to come out, there he was, down on one knee with ring in hand. Perfect second proposal!
  • All the stories nice to read image

    i got engaged on christmas eve, i kinda had an idea it was happening soon but didnt know when or where.

    i went out in the garden with my two dogs and it had been snowing all day and the sky was covered in stars, dont think ive ever seen that many. he came out after a few mins and we were just talking about the dogs, i looked away to shout on one of them and when i turned round he was down on one knee with a ring image

    took him 5 years but was worth it image
  • R and I had talked about getting married for a while so I was getting impatient and itching for a proposal. He assured me it would be a while until he would be able to as he wanted to save up for a ring.

    So one night we decided to go out for an Indian meal and then to the karaoke pub we like going to. R seemed quite fidgety but I thought nothing of it, had a delicious meal and then headed on over to the pub. My parents had come out with us too and met us in the pub, my mum wasn't very well but she had still decided to come out which I was like "huh?" as she usually stays in if she is ill. Had a few drinks, enjoying ourselves then R is called up onto the karaoke which I was like image as he NEVER gets up to sing at all. He sang Rule The World by Take That which I was like aww as we love that song. Finishes the song, I get ready to give him a hug and a kiss when he gets off the stage but then he starts to make this little speech...

    "Okay, now that I've made enough of a tit of myself I hope the next part will be a lot easier! I'd like to ask my beautiful girlfriend up on the stage" to which I was like image okay what's happening, didn't even twig lol then R carries on "I've asked you up here because I have something to say to you, you have made me happier than anyone ever has and every day I am thankful I get to wake up next to you, see your beautiful smile and spend my time with you, therefore I see no reason to doubt what I am about to ask you" then gets down on one knee and asks "will you marry me" to which I'm overwhelmed with happy tears and nod yes then cue everyone in the pub cheering and offering to buy us a drink. My mum was cheering and crying and even my dad had a bit of a tear and he's not the most emotional of people.

    Was just the most perfect engagement and I was on a cloud for about two weeks afterwards. image

    Oh and he even asked both my mum and dad for permission too which I thought was so sweet and lovely of him as well.
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    Ahh - such lovely stories ladies! They make me want to share mine.

    Months before we got engaged we'd been out looking for rings in Hatton Garden - we deliberately went after we'd booked our holiday so I knew he had no money! In the end, we found a beautiful ring and so I hoped that when he proposed, it would be with that one!

    Anyway, a few months later, and the weekend before we went on holiday, we were at a friend's wedding. We were there with another couple who were engaged and had also been to Hatton Garden to look for their ring. P was so excited about all of this he chewed their ears off for ages about the whole thing. So, as it was my birthday while we were going to be on holiday, I started to get my hopes up.

    When we got back from the wedding he told me in no uncertain terms (but not unkindly) he had no intention of proposing while we were away, he hadn't been in a position to put any money aside etc. I was a bit disappointed, but ended up thinking that it wasn't the worst thing - I would have hated to have a sour point on the holiday in expecting something that wouldn't happen.

    So we get to our holiday and its gorgeous! The night before my birthday I asked if he was going to get my cards and presents out and put them on the counter (like we would at home!)and he said no! I thought he was just being a lazy g!t. So the next morning he makes me cover my eyes while he gets my presents out of his suitcase, and when I opened my eyes he was on one knee with the ring we'd picked together! Cue the best birthday ever, an amazing holiday, and a soppy story to tell everyone!

    Ahh xxx
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