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Are you paying for your bridesmaid dresses or is your bridesmaid?

My intention is that I was going to buy their dress and then sell them on but give them the heirloom bouquet made of beads and jewellery that my mum and I have spent hours and ££ making. Something to keep rather than something thats going out of fashion!

Just thinking that with that and a favour...£££!!!

I was going to ask them to provide their own gold sandels too. Or I will get them if i can pick up in the sale.

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  • KLC27KLC27 Posts: 580
    Im buying the dresses poss sell them afterwards if they dont want them hanging around, but have asked them to buy there own shoes so they can pick something they can walk in and wear again!! will prob get them a necklace that they can keep and wear on the day x
  • I'm buying the dresses but I want them to keep them afterwards. they will come in handy for balls and the like in future, can't see why I would buy them something then flog it afterwards!
  • Hazel85Hazel85 Posts: 374
    Buying mine and then they're keeping them as their present; because they are Coast, they will wear them again (so they've said, at least!) Also got a small favour for the day (under £10) and my sister has made everyone a necklace. They've bought their own shoes or are wearing ones they have already (black)
  • Hi, my bridesmaids dresses are being bought from me and my partner and then they will keep their dresses and wear them again, hopefully. x
  • I was a bridesmaid last year and bought my own dress and shoes, and paid to have my hair done. My sister (the bride) paid for me to have my make up done and for my flowers, and also bought me a little fluffy shrug to wear (which I absolutely hated but might get my bridemaids to wear!). The way I see it, I have a job and would have had to buy myself an outfit anyway, so the fact that I'm a bridesmaid makes no difference! I chose my own dress (in fact I bought it without my sister even seeing it and just hoped she'd like it which she did!) but I won't wear it again.

    My worry is that I don't know what my bridesmaids expect with regards to who is paying for what!! Dress wise I just want them in beautiful black dresses (think Coast/Monsoon/Karen Millen) and hopefully in matching shoes! I thought about maybe giving them some money towards the dress (£50) and, like my sister, paying for them to have their hair or make up done, and then them paying for the other.

    I think for adult bridesmaids who have a reasonalble amount of input into what they're wearing there is no need for the bride to pay for them!
  • They are buying their dress we are buying their shoes, accessories and paying fir flowers hair and make up
  • july2011july2011 Posts: 817

    Bridesmaid paying for dress, I'm paying for shoes, hair, make up, hotel room, flowers, etc.
  • We're paying for the dresses and flowers the rest is being left to them image
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