hi i'm gettin married 16/2/12 n am totally stuck on where t start ave got the d8 n the register office sorted ave even pick my bridesmaids n pageboys but when it cums t everything else my mind goes blank i avnt even thought of themes or colours i cud reali do with sum help




  • Have you been to any wedding fayres? I went there and got loads of ideas (not that I'd ever buy anything there... the ones I've been to are massively over-priced!).

    Also you might want to get a wedding planner filofax type thing...

    I've found that just spending time browsing the forums on here, and searching randomly for bits on ebay is great for ideas.

    Hope this helps, and good luck image
  • Hi, I think a lot of brides tend to go for their favourite colour. Do you and your fiance have a common interest that you could make a theme of? Sometimes, a lot of the time actually, your choice of venue can help determine the theme, eg. castles, barns, etc. But a good browse on here and in wedding magazines can bring ideas you never even thought of (and some you would never do image ). Have fun play around with ideas, you're day will emerge. image
  • Congratulations!!! Im getting married the day after you on the 17th!!

    Have u sorted a venue for reception? Thats probably ur next step. Think about whether u want a big or small reception, do u want the full sit down wedding breakfast, or you could just have a drinks reception and straight into the party in the evening, or maybe just an initimate meal with ur nearest and dearest. Its totally ur day but Id say ur next step is deciding this and then finding a venue to suit ur needs xxx
  • You have mail
  • For colour schemes and themes; I googled pics of things like wedding favours/ wedding cakes/ bridesmaid dresses/ wedding stationery and made a collage of pics I liked.

    I went on the Confetti website and clicked on the link to send me the brochure as they have some great themes and ideas. (I'm making my own cheaper versions tho! lol.)

    I also signed up for UKbride and they then sent me a wedding magazine for my area that had adverts etc for local businesses xx
  • Do you have a fave colour?? or groom to be has a fave colour??
  • How2IDoHow2IDo Posts: 11

    Do you have a reception venue booked? Your venue might inspire a theme if it has certain colours or style of decor. If not then buy some wedding magazines and cut out anything that catches your eye and put it in a file. After a while you may find a theme naturally evolves.

    I did this and discovered I loved anything with pale pink roses, pearls and a vintage/country style so this is what I went for.

    It might be worth looking for bridesmaids dresses as you may fall in love with a high street dress that dictates your colour scheme.

    For general planning ask friends for supplier recommendations and use chat rooms for advice and support. Wedding mags can offer inspiration if you look at the real wedding bit and they often have a theme picker area.

    Good luck x
  • You could try looking at a couple of guide books.

    This one's meant to be pretty good

    Hope that helps.
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