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2012 wedding, can i have some help with planning please?



  • You can plan when you darn well like image I am getting married August 2012 and have started now so that I can spend weeks thinking about each thing, read magazines and have fun, not rush it. Do it at your own pace! Some people like to do it quite close to the time - some, like me, would rather sort things out in advance.
  • CariadAlanCariadAlan Posts: 603
    Thank gods for that - I had my soon to be sister in law screw ehr face up and tell 'oh it's a bit soon isn't it'. She's getting married in June and still hasn't sorted us bridesmaid out!

    I currently have venue, cars, picked bridesmaids and best man and I'm just starting to look for my dress. Getting married on 1st September 2012.

    I figure the more time you spend planning the less chance there is for things to go wrong. Also if you leave it too late you may miss out on things. I spoke to girl at a local wedding fayre on Sunday who had tried to book my venue but I had already booked it.

    I'd pick another dress shop - she sounds like a miserable trout image
  • I'm getting married October 2012 and I have venue and minister booked and have ideas on everything else. The whole point of getting engaged and the build up is all the exciting planning image

    If dress shops don't want your custom then their loss!
  • leighh5ukleighh5uk Posts: 278
    God, I am getting married on 16th march 2013 and are looking already hahaimage i am the super-organised person everyone i know hates haha!We went to view our venue yesterday and booked, its a package so includes photography, flowers, chair-covers sashes, centerpieces, piper, dj, cake (although we are exchanging this as my mum is a baker) so im basically done hahaimage x
  • aah thats brilliant leigh, sounds like your really organised lol, i hate leaving things so im getting very organised now lol xx
  • LolastarukLolastaruk Posts: 102
    I'm also getting married in September 2012, and I've booked venue, photographer, cars, registrar, chocolate fountain and photo booth, and I bought my dress, tiara and veil on Tuesday image
  • Hey Ladies!

    Im so glad I started reading this thread, I'm hoping to get married in Zante Sept 2012 and I'm going out there in may to check out venues and hopefully book it! I thought I was been a bit of a bridezilla because i'm desperate to get on with my plans even tho so many people have said leave it till a year before (my dad on the other hand wants it booked and sorted so he knows wa he has to pay out)! Now after reading all your comments I'm so glad I've decided to start now!

    As for your wedding dress fairytail go for it and start looking my friend gets married in june this year we started looking just before christmas and the shops were worried she wouldn't get it in time so she was rushed

    Happy planning! xxx
  • MrsB2bHull - thank you yeah im really looking at dresses at the moment, i just decided that what am i going to lose by looking image

    good luck with all your planning, a zante wedding sounds wonderful! xx
  • It's not too soon - wedding dresses can take 6 months to come in after you order them!

    I am getting married in August 2012 and have almost everything except the outfits and rings planned or at least have an idea what I want/from where.
  • Hi Ladies!!

    Im getting married in cyprus Aug 2012 & I've booked the reception, photographer & even bought some favors!! I was worried that it was too early but after seing this i think not!

    Ladies, can you help me to put one of them count down thingys on?? I love them!! I cant find the html bit!

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