National Wedding Show at NEC...

Anyone else going tomorrow?? i'm sooo excited, another early start but cant wait!!! image



  • i went yesterday it was really good loved the fashion show! and oh my god did you see the candy buffet yum yum image we jumped in the fancy dress photo booth thingy aswell so got to take home some very funny pics image
  • SDRD2012SDRD2012 Posts: 159
    I went on Saturday and was really impressed! I loved watching the catwalk show too. Did anyone buy their dress there or try any on?
  • I didnt try any on had a quick look through them tho and there is so many nice ones with wot seemed to be good show discounts.
  • LadyLyd25LadyLyd25 Posts: 26
    I went and loved it!

    Yes - how lush was the candy buffet!! I want to book them but I've lost my leaflet??!!! Does anyone know the web address??

    Dresses were sooo nice - but did anyone see how skinny the models were??!! Good meal and a bit of cake would do for them!!image
  • hi ladylyd25

    The candy buffet website is this one

    I love the idea of having one think they are about £3 per person which i dont think is to bad image
  • LadyLyd25LadyLyd25 Posts: 26
    Thanks Disney-Princess1!

    Yes I think it's a brilliant deal after seeing how it was laid out and how amazing it looked. I've never seen one that nice even in magazines! My mate had 1 and it was a bit cheaper per head but didn't look half as good - get what u pay for I suppose tho?

    Did anyone get their dress at the show? my mate got hers there - 25% off! I tried on a few but didn't find 'the one'. image will keep on looking!
  • SDRD2012SDRD2012 Posts: 159
    I had quite a surreal moment there, we were standing trying to get past some stalls and there was a bit of a bottleneck building up. But everyone queued up going the other way was wearing a wedding dress. I had to laugh to myself because when else do you get a queue of women wearing wedding dresses trying to get past each over? Shuffling along as well because the dresses were too long.

    Have to agree the models were all so thin, they made every gown look lovely. I guess that's the aim but why not throw a few "normal" size ones in? We did have another laughing moment when the men in their loin clothes came on and the info sheet we were given stated "models own".

    Def recommend going to any brides though just for a nose if anything!
  • i loved it!! was a fantastic day, ticked a couple more things off my list..

    Met Jane from WEDDING SOS!!! Was not a cool moment, i totally went off on one about how amazing she was etc!! ha, i bought one of her planners that she uses to keep a check on things, she even signed it for me image comes with dry-wipe markers as well!! whoop whoop haha

    I tried 'my dress' on, love it even more now and cant wait to get it ordered! Even found a company to film for the day so really really pleased i went.

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