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Anyone getting married on a Sunday??

I am just having a little think.. about the possible having wedding on a Sunday!!

Venue I like is about £800-£1000 cheaper on a Sunday than it is on a Friday or Saturday.

Is anyone getting married on a Sunday.. how have you found things.. i.e guests etc


  • helenlouhelenlou Posts: 318
    i far ok. cheaper and all my guests are coming
  • Yeah.. I'm asking my closest family.. they've all said it wouldn't matter what day it was!!

    only thing I'm now worried about is.. I have quite a few children in my family.. so the Sunday before half term would be perfect.. but it's 10th Feb 2013.. by brothers birthday!!

  • Im having a sunday wedding! 19th june 2011 image not had any probs with guests and venue loads cheaper! i think theres actually something really nice about having a sunday wedding regardless of price image xxx
  • I'm also getting married on a sunday - 7 weeks today!

    Its on Easter Sunday, so unfortunately it isnt any cheaper, in fact it is costing more in some respects because it is a bank holiday.

    Cannot wait, it does feel special though being on a sunday somehow.

    Wish i still had a couple of years to plan my wedding, it creeps up so so fast.

  • im getting married on a sunday image in sept next year!

    the venue was half the price and had no problems with guests. every one knows it will be on a sunday, 2 of my bridesmaids are having the day off school the next day, and to be honest, my venue stops the dj at minute, and i dont want people stupidly drunk at the wedding, so it shouldnt be too much of a problem for people with work the next day. im not marrying in a church but feel a sunday gave the ceremony a more religous feel as well image dont worry about anything a sunday is a lovely day image
  • Yes, we are, as we were organising at too short notice to get a summer Saturday at a large venue.

    We also considered a Friday, but there were some teachers that we really had to have there who simply couldn't take the time off. At least with a Sunday people can choose whether to take the Monday off and stay over locally - with a Friday they would have had no choice but to take holiday if they wanted to attend.

    We've had no complaints at all from anyone (guest list of 130+), which I have been pleasantly surprised by.

    In my experience it hasn't made things any cheaper (in fact the registrar is slightly more expensive), but has meant greater availability of suppliers.
  • The venue we are looking at is

    £3,600.00 on a Saturday to hire and £1,300.00 on a Sunday

    £2,300 cheaper!!!!! A big difference

    I was worried about kids, just text a few family members, and they all said, it wouldn't be a problem.. they can be a bit tired for 1 day!! I love my family.

    Thank you for your reassurance! Will let you know what date we book!! imageimage
  • the money difference is definitely worth having it on a sunday so go for it image and yes exactly the kids can be tired and ratty haha to their parents for 1 day image good luck with booking the date xxx
  • OMG it's so confusing..

    Just re-read brochure I was wrong is only £500 less to marry on a Sunday!

    I don't want to get married on my brothers birthday.. which is the Sunday 10th 2013 day before school half terms.. all of my brothers and sisters have kids except one.. so if we went for next Sunday 17th no one would be able to have a drink or unwind 100% so thinking about work/kids going to school the next day.

    I think just going to go with the Saturday.. it'll put my mind at at ease more.. as some of H2B family are coming from somerset etc so makes it easier for everyone!!
  • if it makes it easier, and you are more likely to get all the guests you want on a saturday then go for it, if you can afford the extra. £500 is still a lot of money difference but it may be worth paying extra to get everyone there, speak to all your family and see what they would be happy to do xx
  • I'm doing a Sunday wedding and thanks to this thread just double checked I was right and that my stepson will be on school holidays on the monday afterward! Whew!!!!!!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Im getting married on a sunday but its a bank holiday on the Monday after x
  • mrsC2b2012mrsC2b2012 Posts: 734
    we are getting married on a sunday, but its bank holiday on the monday so not too bad! we got 10% discount on the venue, but having to pay a whopping £410 for the registrar on a sunday!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    i get married sunday 18th december 2011.

    we saved £2.5k compared to a saturday wedding!!
  • dais-ldais-l Posts: 114
    singo44 we are date twins!! I'm also the 18th December this year image

    It's saved me loads too, plus its given me the pick of suppliers because they are less likely to be taken or have other people interested in your date- been given loads of discounts because its not a fri/sat too image

  • I got married on a Sunday and all of my guests took the Monday as holiday so we had a nice (sort of) relaxed long wedding weekend!

    For anyone considering a Sunday, I would suggest checking the registrar prices as this may negate any reduction by the venue. Also consider that your florist, cake maker etc may not work Sundays to help set up.
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    I'm getting married on Sunday 17th June 2012. It has saved us about £1000 on venue hire but the registrars fees appear to be most expensive on Sunday than any other!!! image
  • AmberlinnieAmberlinnie Posts: 508
    Im a Sunday Bride too, its Bank holiday Monday the next day so its like a saturday really.

    We saved £1000 on venue hire. x
  • We decided for us.. A Saturday is better.

    I would stress too much!! I think cause my family is so MASSIVE we keeping the ceremony/wedding breakfast as small as possible about 70guests then inviting a further 150 in the evening, so would like to hope more of my evening guests would attend on a Saturday night..

    Said that though, one of my friends is getting married on a Sunday, and I wouldn't think twice about not going. but just feel people wont go for us, silly I know.
  • MrsHagan2BMrsHagan2B Posts: 116
    We've managed to book Sunday 25th August 2013. Its the august bank holiday weekend so its Sunday prices but people still have the following day off!

  • Tessa931Tessa931 Posts: 22
    We're getting married on Sunday, the 2nd of October and everyone will be coming. The 3rd is a holiday in Germany so it's perfect for my German guests too.
  • TheWifeTheWife Posts: 188
    We're getting married on Sunday 23rd Dec 2012. We'd originally wanted Saturday 22nd but, with it being the weekend before Christmas, our venue had decided on a minimum number of guests for that day. They wanted us to have at least 100 day guests and we wanted an 'intimate' ceremony and larger evening reception so the compromise on our part, was to go for the Sunday. I'm really glad we have to be honest, it's closer to Christmas and actually works out cheaper!
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