Deciding on a colour scheme

Hello all

I paid my deposit for our big day on Friday and booked the minister, so it makes sense to start thinking about colours.

As a teacher, I have to have it during holidays and didn't fancy the higher prices in Summer so we're going for October (in Aberdeen we get 2 weeks image ) Making this autumnal immediately throws up colours such as chocolate and wine - as much as I love both of those things, I don't fancy them as my theme.

I have booked a stately home but intend this to be the only 'traditional' part of the wedding so really keen on brighter colours.

The groom in his wisdom as had a kilt made for him in his own tartan - fair enough. However, the main colour is red so limits colours that compliment this- the groom thinks I'm being daft even thinking about it!!

Any help, suggestions would be amazing image


  • Coco_VCoco_V Posts: 60
    I think chocolate and wine would look GORGEOUS. Those two colours are so rich and subtle and autumnal. Deep red and brown accented with ivory and autumnal theme.. image
  • msluckygalmsluckygal Posts: 194
    Burnt orangey/rust sort of colours can look great with red too, depending on the shade of red. Would be lovely with red wine. Especially for october - autumn leaves etc.
  • tiger_liltiger_lil Posts: 96
    I like the idea of orange too. Think it will go well with the Red
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    There are other options as red could be your accent rather than your main colour.

    You could go for a black and white theme with red accents. The would be modern and striking.

    Green goes very well with red as they are a nice contrast.

    You could have a USA or British type theme with red, blue and white like the union jack. Maybe royal wedding themed. image Or if it's a light blue it's quite fair ground like. type in 'red and blue wedding' into google images.

    Pink and red is very romantic looking, very valentines day with hearts. Orange and red is very autumnal.

    Silver and red is different and wintery. Gold and red is very Christmassy.

    Good luck.
  • thanks for the help ladies. SO much to think about image
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