Anyone want to be my Diet Buddy??

Hey Ladies,

My wedding dates not booked yet but hoping for 31st August 2012!

I????m starting my diet now!! I have a friends hen night in may and wedding in june so want to lose as much weight as i can by then!! so for the next 8 weeks i????m hoping for 16 pounds!

In total for my wedding I want to lose 3 stone so with over a year thats acheivable but I want to get it off sooner rather than later then thats a massive weight off my mind next year! Literally!!

So I????m just deciding do i do ww or slimming world? Lost 2 and a half stone on ww before (obviously put it all and more on since!)

I did sw before christmas and easily lost half a stone and didnt feel i was on a diet as much as i did on ww but not really wanting to be paying out a fiver a week!

So anyone want to do some online fat fighting? we can have daily weigh in, swap recipes and give moral support!!

someone join me!!

Alex soon to be slim jim!! xx


  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    Ill join you!! We get married on 18th December..(got butterflys typing that!!)

    I did SW before christmas, and also lost half a stone. But put 5 back on over christmas. I work shifts so its hard to commit to go to class every week, and as soon as i think diet i loose will power. Im just sticking loosely to SW, eating healthy and starting to exercise a lot more!!! Off to get the wii fit out now!!! xx
  • I work shifts too, thats also why im not keen on joining a class, having to pay when you dont go then i miss a few and don????t bother!! we can have our online weekly weigh in say on a monday? anytime depending what shift your on! Not sure of the best way of doing it? any ideas?

    alex xx
  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    At Sw you just have to tell them you are a shift worker and as long as you et your group leader know you wont be there you dont pay for your missed weeks! Yeah mondays are good for me, shifts depending.. I do 17 hour days though so if im on that day weighing in and getting it on here might be an issue! But i'll do it as near to monday as i can.. even if its the sunday! I would like to shift 3 stone.. but 2 being realistic!

    Shall we just inbox each other so we dont miss each others messgaes? x
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    There are loads of ladies from this site who have joined MyFitnesspal. I have lost 40lbs with it and Flossy has lost MORE!! Some of the ladies are having fantastic results with it. It's a free programme that counts calories for you and tells you what to aim for.

    My SIL2B had her thyroid removed 3 years ago and joined SW. She lost nothing in 5 months. 4 weeks on MFP and she is down 14lbs! Not because SW is rubbish (my other SIL2B is a slimming world consultant with fantastic results) but the amount of food she was allowed to eat just wasn't working for her.

    Good Luck!!!! You can do this.
  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    Ooooh might have a little look at that!! Thanks!! xx
  • I tried the my fitness pal, only did it for a couple of weeks and i found i put weight on! i????m going to try sw firstas i know it works for me! Thanks and well done with your weight loss! xx
  • I like the sound of a diet buddy. I lost 2 and a half stone doing SW but then moved to Guernsey and they don't have it here so put most of it back on. Can't get motivated to shift it, although trying on wedding dresses is a good incentive, but I haven't done that yet either.

    I would ideally like to lose 3 and a half stone. Monday would be ok for me for a weigh in. I'd try and follow SW. I download myfitnesspal but ignored it once it was on my phone.

    Running the London Marathon next month, well as much as I can manage so got the exercise thing down but not losing weight coz eating like a pig.

    So yes please, count me in. I am getting married Sept 15th next year so we'd be similar target dates too.

    Isla xx
  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    4 hours a day? That is commitment!! I dont think i have that many spare hours in my day! But any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated!! xx
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    I'll join, i'm with weightwatchers, and just got back after reacting 15lb lost, so only another one and a half stone to go, and i'll be really happy, don't want to loose more than 2 as i feel i would be just to slim with my height, xx
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I'll join! I'm going back to SW and need the extra support as I always fall off the wagon. Shellz I like the idea of taking a picture of myself, before and hopefully after I might steal that idea! I'm aiming to lose 2 stone by November as thats when I go to get my dress made, plus my best friends wedding is in October so it would be nice to lose some for her wedding.
  • wow shellz2009, it just goes to show if you get off your lazy backside and do some exercise you really can shift some weight!!

    Your my inspiration and im going to try to workout alot more than i do now..due to shift work and children i dont get much time to myself but i try to jog for half an hour most weekday evenings,i've also got the 30 day shred dvd so i'll make more of an effort to get up earlier to do this before work.

    Slow progress puts me off so if i get in the zone with my diet hopfully ill see better results in the first few weeks! Cheers hun, you've just made my day reading that image

  • Well done n e Rose! How long has it taken you to lose 15 pounds? That's my first aim for the next 8 weeks xx
  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    Well done to all you girls!! Youve motivated me so much this morning... now just need to get off here and go for a run!!! x
  • Hi girls,

    i????ve started a new thread, diet buddies, i want to lose a stone by 8 weeks. Think it will be the best way of recording our weights and chatting to each other rather than private messages!

    So get weighed in!!

    good luck

    alex xx
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