Been lurking, not sure I've said hi

Hi! Getting married in August 2012, theme is a bit 20s, a bit 30s, a bit old Hollywood, a bit Great Gatsby. At the early planning/obsessively buying Cosmo Bride stage and seem to have made a looooong list of DIY projects to do. Oops.


  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    Well Hi there! Sounds a lovely theme, and the planning is such fun! I've done lots of diy bits, but always on the look out for more ideas!!!x
  • Honestly, I'm loving being creative (am not usually much of a crafter) and have got really into it! Am making the seating plan, place cards, loads of other random stuff.
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    Try wedding ideas and perfect wedding magazine they are the better too and a bit cheaper.

    Welcome too image

    Steph xx
  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    good for you honey - i've surprised myself as well! dining room is full of stuff! my 19 yr old daughter keeps telling me no one else will notice all the little touches i've done, altho she gets very excited about them all, but i don't really care, just want everyone to have a brill time and i'm enjoying doing them!x
  • I bought pretty much all the wedding mags at first and filtered out a few I liked but Cosmo Bride has been my fave... I will secretly miss reading it when married I swear.

    I tend to buy a lot of mags anyway (work in publishing) so have just started spending on wedding ones instead of Marie Claire or whatever.
  • Re other people not noticing little touches - I for one do not care. If they make me happy, I'm doing them.
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    I agree with doing all the little extras you do notice, if any of you have been to someone elses wedding sometimes if they haven't done little extras you really notice.

    Steph xx
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997

    Sounds like a gorgeous theme!!

    I agree with the magazine thing..I really should have made room for those in my budget...I must have spend £100+ on wedding mags...after a while though you realise that they contain mostly the same ideas, so my obsession has calmed. slightly. image
  • wow, that's sounds exciting... a little bit of everything is tricky to pull together, but then again that's where the fun is... image) i can't wait to see your wedding...
  • Where are you getting married? image
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